Why You Should Unabashedly Ejaculate More Often

Your sex life, be it with a partner or with your palm, is extremely personal. How many times you do it or how you do it is based on an innate desire and is nobody’s business. You do it to get pleasure, as a stress-buster at the end of a long day, or any other reason. But did you know that ejaculating so is actually benefiting your health as well?

There have been many discussions over why sex/masturbation is healthy and how ejaculating keeps the body going strong. But a recent study came up with a big reason to splurge even more. Ejaculating can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by a significant margin!


Prostate cancer is the third most common cancer that affects American men. Although it doesn’t always result in death, it interrupts normal living to a great extent. So, why not just ejaculate the risk of cancer itself?

Who Does Prostate Cancer Affect?

Prostate cancer is more common in men older than 40


Common as it is, prostate cancer usually does not affect men until they are much older. It is quite rare in men younger than 40. As you age, your risk of prostate cancer increases, demanding more of your time either to prevent it or manage it. Once you pass the age of 40, you enter that phase of life where anything can make you sick easily, including cancer. Nearly 6 in 10 men aged 64 years or older are diagnosed with prostate cancer. So, what can you do to prevent it?

Ejaculating Prevents Prostate Cancer

Ejaculating a healthy number of times can prevent cancerous infections


An 18-year-long research followed up on a group of men of all age groups. Their focus was on observing the effects ejaculation had on health, specifically on the risk prostate cancer.1 The results were quite promising.

When compared to those who were a lot less active, men aged 20–29 who ejaculated more than 21 times a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by nearly 19 percent. But how helpful can this be if the risk is anyway less in younger men? Worry not, because ejaculating as many times reduced cancer risk by nearly 22 percent in men older than 40, as well.


How Does It Work?

Although the study has given an easy, and pleasurable, way to keep away cancerous growth, no solid data could be found on what exactly makes this effective. A possible explanation could be that by ejaculating frequently, you clear your prostate. This prevents or reduces the chances of getting infections in the nether regions that might lead to cancer.

Other Health Benefits Of Ejaculating

Ejaculating can reduce stress and treat premature ejaculation


Getting rid of prostate cancer is a major benefit of doing something as amazing as shooting off the load. But it doesn’t end there. Ejaculating have many more benefits that you keep you functioning effectively every single day:

  1. Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles with regular, focused workout
  2. Prepares you to last longer when you want to
  3. Treats premature ejaculation and protects your sexual relationships2
  4. Improves sperm motility and keeps you healthy
  5. Treats stress-related depression and other conditions
  6. Improves your mood and keeps you happy
  7. Frees congested nose
  8. Improves your immunity and prevents other diseases

What’s The Healthy Number?

Ejaculate as often as your body needs, not your mind


If you are to go by the study, you’ll want to be handy at least 21 times a month. But that’s no reason to stick to this number. There have been many controversies surrounding the association between ejaculations and prostate cancer. Some suggest that increased ejaculation in youth can increase the risk of cancer at a later age. However, this statement lacks evidence. Some studies have, in fact, proven otherwise.3

The number of times you want to ejaculate is a personal choice. It is, after all, an issue of mind over matter. Whether you have fun with your partner or go solo, do so based on what your body needs, not what you think it needs. While 21 might be a good number, figure out what’s good for you. Go for a healthy choice that would not lead to extremes of either an addiction or a celibate life! Find a balance, keep both yourself and your partner happy, and stay healthy.