5 Reasons Why Cold Weather is Good For Your Skin

There’s something about cold weather that just puts us in a pleasant mood. All we think of is sipping on a warm cuppa and snuggling indoors with our favorite novel. And cold weather undoubtedly has some truly wonderful benefits for our skin. Let us glance through just how cold weather makes your skin feel better.

Benefits Of Cold Weather For Your Skin

1. Cold Weather Offers A Good Night’s Sleep

Cold weathers gives you a good night's sleep


You usually want to hit the bed early, thanks to the drop in body temperature when winter sets in. The result is that you tend to get up earlier in the morning, rejuvenated and relaxed after a night of peaceful sleep. Sleeping early defies the aging process, maintains the hormone levels, and helps all the organs in the body to get some much-needed rest.1 2

2. Cold Weather Acts As A Stress Buster

Cold weather relieves you from stress


Have you noticed how fresh and glowing your skin appears when you walk outdoors during the cool winter months? The reason is that the cool burst of fresh air instantly uplifts your mood and brings in a sense of inner calm and peace. Grab the opportunity to go for long walks or jogs when the weather is cool. The freshness in the air can help you walk or run more than you do in warm weather when you feel more hot, sweaty, and tired.3

3. Cold Weather Facilitates Cell Regeneration

Cold weather helps with cell regeneration


Cool air helps increase antioxidants in the body that further boosts the age-defying process. One of the most important antioxidants, glutathione, plays a vital role in improving the body’s immune system and metabolism. It also helps the cells to reconstruct and repair damages, which is essential for increased longevity. And cold weather is known to enhance the levels of this powerful antioxidant in the bloodstream.4

4. Cold Weather Clears Complexion

Cold weather clears complexion


A host of skin problems such as sunburn, pigmentation patches, tan, and acne play the spoilsport due to excess sweating and sebum production in extremely hot weather. On the contrary, cool weather can arrest the production of more sebum and give you clear, fresh, and glowing skin. It also helps in constricting the pores on the skin, thus reducing the accumulation of dust in the pores.5

5. Cold Weather Reduces The Need For Makeup

Cold weather reduces the need for makeup


You can actually step out sans makeup in cool and pleasant weather unlike the hot summer days when your skin tends to look dull and lifeless. Do you know the reason behind those rosy cheeks in winter? When the blood flow reduces due to the cool weather, the skin responds by flushing out. That’s when a pinkish glow appears on your cheeks! You need to apply a good moisturizer in very harsh winters though, since the natural oils in your skin can go dry.6

Time to look beyond the occasional dry skin issues that you face in winters now that you know how cool weather is beneficial for your skin. Look forward to spend more time outdoors, but also make it a point to take measures to protect your skin with a healthy dose of lotions and moisturizers during extremely cold weather conditions.