So Which ‘Goddess Animal’ Do You Think Best Represents You?

Spiritual inclination is a higher calling that every individual discovers on his or her own time and pace. But people who are interested in spirituality and knowing about themselves little more intimately generally take some interest in astrology. They would find out about their elements and which element they need to stabilize their personalities and lives. There are many aspects of personalities that astrology can explain. An archetype that you can explore to know little more about yourself is your goddess animal.

Animalistic goddesses have played interesting roles in various cultures and have given insights to the feminine power. Different cultures use different kinds of symbolism to represent femininity and its power. Ancient cultures like Indian and Egyptian culture have one thing in common. Both these cultures show an amalgamation of nature and power. Similarly, there are many other cultures in which scared feminine has been represented through various symbolisms. There are five kinds of animal goddesses. Each of these goddesses come with distinct power and personalities. You can use your intuition and figure out which goddess you are. We are naturally inclined towards somethings over others and that tells something about ourselves. So, listen to your instincts and figure out which animal goddess you are.

1. Snake Goddess

This goddess is famously seen in Greek and Indian stories prominently. Snake goddess is generally thought to be incredibly intuitive, strong and lucid. Snake goddess epitomizes life and energy. This goddess is believed to be endowed with the power of life. It is believed that she can move through different spirit realms. People who feel connected to this archetype are intuitive and empathetic. They can adapt to various scenarios very quickly, like snakes through various paths. They are healers by nature. They feel deeply connected to everything around them and use their intuitions to guide them through life.

2. Bird Goddess

This goddess shows her existence in old Egyptian scriptures. She represents dynamism, healing and emotions. A bird is a messenger that travels and is fueled by an innate passion for constant change. People who feel strongly for this archetype are expressive by nature and love to share their knowledge with others. It is important for such people to feel free and not be bound by things or people. They love people but they don’t let others tie them down.

3. Cow Goddess

The cow goddess is seen as a prominent figure in the culture of the Baganda tribe of Uganda. The cow goddess stands for vitality and life. The cultures that hail cows as goddesses believe in their ability to support life with milk. These cultures don’t believe that cows are meant for meat and leather. If you feel strongly for this archetype, you are someone with strong maternal instincts. You are a nurturer who supports everyone with compassion, love and wisdom.

4. Bee Goddess

The bee goddess can be seen in Greek as well as in Indian mythology. This goddess is believed to symbolize priestess. Bee are creators by nature. They create honey that serves the purpose of healing. If you feel strongly about this goddess, then you have an innate need to lead. You believe in the virtue of service through hard work. You believe in working hard and collaborating for a common goal. You seek divinity through your work and service.

5. Cat Goddess

Egyptian culture has a very strong connection with this goddess. Cat goddess represent wisdom, independence and success. Cats are known to be the goddesses of warfare. They carry a lot of wisdom and balance with them. Poised, confident, intuitive and independent are the characteristics of this archetype. If you find yourself connected to this archetype, then you are strong by nature. You like to fight for what you believe in and you are always seeking justice.

So, find out which goddess you are and what purpose you are serving in this world.