7 Occasions When You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Use Lube

Lube is a great addition to the bedroom

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding the use of lubricants in the bedroom. Some feel that it’s lazy or it’s an insult to their partner. Women are often worried that it’ll send the wrong message and make their partner feel unattractive or incompetent. However, plenty of doctors and sex specialists actually recommend using lube for a better sexual experience for both partners. Here’s why

1. Helps Vaginal Dryness

Lube helps counter any dryness


Wetness is, of course, a response to sexual arousal. However, each woman’s vagina is different. Each woman’s cycle affects her wetness as well. When you’re ovulating it’s possible that you’ll be sufficiently self-lubricated but at other times during your cycle, that’s not quite the story. Lube can help overcome the unpredictability of your cycle. Not to mention, dryness is a common problem faced with all kinds of factors like hormonal changes, aging, menopause, and certain medications. Lube is an easy way to counter this dryness and make sex much more comfortable.

2. Counters Delayed Physical Response

Counters Delayed Physical Response


Sexual arousal is an involuntary response that you ultimately have no control over. So, even though you’re mentally all fired up and ready to get it on, your body might not necessarily agree just yet. In this case, lube is a good remedy for this delay or mismatch.

3. Improves Oral Sex

 Flavored lube makes things much more fun


Flavored lubes are much safer than using actual foods like whipped cream or syrups. Putting these things near vaginas is just asking for a yeast infection. On the other hand, flavored lubes can keep things safe as well as make it fun for the person giving as well as the person receiving. There are flavored lubes flavored with Stevia so there’s no need to worry about extra calories.

4. Makes Sex Safer

Lube can make sex safer by reducing friction.


Lubricants are designed to reduce friction during thrusting. This reduces the chances of minor membrane tears. These tears usually make it easier to get an STD or STI. The lube also makes it harder for a condom to break thanks to reduced friction. This way lubes make sex safer.

5. Frees Up Your Mind

Lube helps you enjoy sex more without any stress


When you’re not stressing out over whether you’re wet enough, it can prevent you from actually letting go and enjoying the moment. Instead of your partner being preoccupied with thoughts of whether you’re actually attracted to them, you can verbally give them consent and use a lubricant to get things started. Lubricants take some of the guesswork and awkwardness out of sex. This is enough for you to freely enjoy the moment.

6. Makes Solo Sex Interesting And Varied

Lube during masturbation helps you find your preferences.


Personal lubricants can help when you masturbate as well. You could experiment with stimulants as well. Whether it’s cooling or warming gels or different flavors, you can learn exactly what you like and what turns you on.

7. Makes Anal Sex More Comfortable

Lube makes anal sex easy and comfortable.


If you’re contemplating anal sex, don’t even think about attempting it if you’re not planning to use lube. This area of the body is super sensitive but it does not naturally lubricate itself. Don’t be afraid to use a generous amount to make things easier and more comfortable.

Which Lube Should You Use?

There are 3 main kinds of lube.

  • Water-based lubes are the mildest and least likely to cause any allergic reactions. However, they dry up quickly and may need to re-applied regularly.
  • Silicone-based lube is thicker, but some women do experience an allergic reaction. Using this kind of lube with silicone sex toys can degrade them.
  • Lastly oil-based lubes provide a much thicker texture. These are not to be used with condoms because they tend to break down the latex in them and make them less effective.

Whichever one you decide to use, try a little bit on the inside of your elbow and wait 24 hours. Only continue its use on your genitals if you don’t develop any reactions.

Note: Make sure to choose lubes that do not have glycerin in them to reduce the likelihood of developing a yeast infection.

Natural Alternatives

There are lubes that are produced using aloe vera, or oils such as coconut oil and other blends as bases for their formula. These may contain less chemical additives and allergens. Some even recommend using plain pure coconut oil as an option for lube. However, there have been no clinical studies or tests to see if this is a completely safe alternative.

Now that you know the truth about lubricant, go ahead and have fun with what you’ve learned. You and your partner will truly appreciate this addition in the bedroom.