7 Situations Where Sex Is The Perfect Solution

When Sex Can Solve Your Problems

Can sex solve world hunger, global warming and the Middle East crisis? Probably not. However, there are many problems in your own life where the solution could be as simple as having sex. Sex is much easier than yoga and much cheaper than therapy. So in response to the little curve balls life throws at you, just have more sex. Here are seven times when sex really can solve all your problems.

1. When Your Self-Esteem Is Down

Sex Can Help You Feel Beautiful And Desired

You might feel beautiful and self-confident most of the time, but all of us have our off-days. When you’re struggling with your body image, sex can help you feel like a million bucks again. Bloating, pregnancy and a little weight gain can make you feel far from your usual self. In times like these, validation from someone you care about can be immensely helpful. Knowing that you’re still attractive and loved can boost your self-image. It can push those nagging insecurities out of your head and help you regain your self-worth.

2. When Your Relationship Hits A Rut

 Sex Can Help You Mix Things Up

Being with the same partner for a long time can feel monotonous. The old flame might just be a flicker and the two of you become stuck in a routine. Even your sex life can feel like the two of you are simply going through the motions. But while sex can be part of the problem, it can also be the solution. Shaking up your sex life a little can help you and your partner reconnect and bring back the glory days of your relationship. You can indulge in your secret fetishes, role-playing games and even go on a dedicated sex-cation somewhere exotic.

3. To Banish All Symptoms Of PMS

Sex Hormones Can Counter Negative Feelings

PMS isn’t a great time for either you or your partner. You have to experience mood swings, cramps and bloating. Your partner has to deal with your bad temper that results from all of this. Sex can be the perfect quick-fix for PMS. When you have sex or get an orgasm, your body releases a burst of oxytocin and endorphins. These hormones make you feel happy and even reduce cramps. Plus, when you’re having sex, you really can’t bicker with your partner a lot. So forget chocolate and meditation, the next time you’re PMS-ing, just have sex.

4. When You Feel Stressed

Sex Can Reduce Production Of Stress Hormones

When most people feel very stressed, they put sex on the back-burner. Big mistake. You might feel like you’re too busy to have sex, but sex is actually very useful in reducing your stress levels. It improves your mood and immediately makes you more relaxed. Sex experts often recommend morning sex because it has been shown to reduce a person’s stress levels through the day. A sneaky quickie during the day can also help you keep your temper in check and lower your blood pressure.

5. When You Have Trouble Sleeping

Sex Can Improve Quality Of Sleep

Insomnia is on the rise, with more people finding it almost impossible to have a good night’s sleep. This is often because pressures at work are difficult to shake off, especially when you’re trying to sleep. Stress hormones put your body in a state of fight-or-flight and keep you alert. When you’re trying to sleep, this is really the last thing you need. Sex on the other hand, produces happy hormones which bring your body back into a state of calmness. People who have sex or an orgasm are more likely to have regular REM cycles and deeper sleep. So instead of counting sheep, put all your energy into getting an orgasm.

6. When You And Your Partner Are Going Through A Rough Patch

Sex Can Help You Rediscover Your Love For Each Other

No relationship is smooth sailing all the time. Your partner and you might be in love, but sometimes it can be difficult to like each other. Constantly arguing about small things can put your relationship under a lot of pressure. When your relationship reaches this stage, sex can play a very important role in helping you work through it. Sex with your partner re-establishes intimacy and helps you remember the important things. The cuddle hormones produced after sex can also help improve your mood, leading to fewer fights.

7. When You’re Just Really, Really Bored

 Sex Can Make A Boring Day More Interesting

Sex is the perfect cure for boredom. It requires no money, can take up as much time as you want and ends with everyone happy. If you and your partner have no idea how to spend a long weekend, just stay indoors and have sex. We promise they won’t have any complaints. Sex can also make everything better when you’re going through a bad phase in your life. If your job isn’t going anywhere, you’re confused about your future and your bank balance is seriously low, sex can help you take your mind off things for a while.