When Anger Overpowers Your Senses: Take Control. Stay Sane.

When Anger Overpowers Your Senses Take Control. Stay Sane.
When Anger Overpowers Your Senses Take Control. Stay Sane.

We can all agree to the fact that our actions are the direct manifestations of our brain. The brain is a very important and powerful tool, and along with our heart, it helps us achieve many wonderful things.

But what happens when we, unconsciously, use our brain for destruction? Well, self destruction, mostly – because, really, self destruction rarely implies more than one person that suffers. Stress is the single most self destructive component in how we harm ourselves. But let’s talk about a particular and possibly more destructive variation of stress- Anger.


Why do I get Angry?

Some might say that anger can prove to be constructive. Anger channelized appropriately can unleash creativity in your music, painting, drawing, sports, writing and any other form of stress and emotion release that you like. You can use your anger whichever way, really, and it would be a shame to waste it, because anger is a great source of energy. Just like fear, anger can make you run faster, paint more passionately. You get the idea, and I think that we can all relate. Who hasn’t felt anger?

Sadly, because of the varying degrees of anger, we know that our anger is hard to be so happily exploited as I so serenely explained earlier. We mostly have issues in dealing with the sudden rage that we feel. When anger strikes, it simply gives you a shot of adrenaline – you can feel your muscles getting tense, your blood is rushing through your veins and you just start to lose control and reason.  You feel the need to ACT, and quickly remove the cause of this feeling. This can often lead to aggressiveness and further issues. Control seems to be the keyword but sadly is the last thing on our priority list when tempers flare.


Tracing the sources of Anger:

What causes this anger? Is it hereditary? Is it developed because of your surroundings? Who is to blame? Is there something you can do about it?

Firstly, it seems that our anger episodes may be caused by shifts in the function and dimension of the amygdala, which is a brain structure located in our temporal lobes. It plays an important role in the process of decision making, in how we react emotionally as it works hand in hand, so to speak, with adrenaline glands.

It taps into out primal instincts. This happens when our brain feels that we are in grave danger. It is a defense mechanism that we have had forever as a species, and we have survived many days thanks to it, called the “Fight or Flight” Response. Simply put, when our brain gets the sense of danger, it gives us everything we need in order to survive and defend ourselves. It gives us enough sudden energy to be able to run or to hit the potential predator. So logically, it inhibits the rational part of your brain, pushing it way down the priority list.

Time to take Control:

But now, since we have evolved and we are not being chased by predators, our brain may have become confused. So it may give us that boost of defensive and offensive energy whenever his sense of danger is being tickled – that is, whenever it is feeling stress. And we know that stress NOW differs greatly from what stress used to mean, back when we were living in caves. But our brain isn’t aware and does not take chances.

Understanding the cause of our anger and then to manage and take control over it will help us handle the most severe of situations practically. It might not just stop us harming self and others, but might help us take the ultimate call of preserving and valuing Life. Check the video below to understand how this Primal instinct is taking control of our senses.