10 Interesting Things Your Massage Therapist Might Know About Your Life

Don’t Be Surprised If Your Massage Therapist Knows These Things About Your Life

Has your massage therapist ever told you things about your life that no one else would have ever noticed? Well, if they have, don’t be surprised. It turns out that they can read your body like a book. Muscle tightness, tissue density and body posture can reveal so much to them. Read on to find out more about the things they probably know about you.

1. They Know If You’re Sleeping Uncomfortably

They Know If You’ve Been Tossing And Turning In Your Sleep

If you’ve been tossing and turning in your sleep and have not had a good night’s rest, massage therapists are likely to find out. Especially, if the reason you had an uncomfortable sleep was because of your pillow or sleeping position. The massage therapists advise us to ensure that the pillows we use don’t create a strain on our necks and shoulders. Many people also tend to sleep on their stomachs which causes unnecessary strain on the neck and spine. Ideally, we should try and sleep on our backs or on our sides.

2. They Know If You Have A Desk Job

They Know If You Have A Desk Job

If you spend long hours staring into your computer screen at the office, massage therapists are likely to know. The muscles on your back are likely to be strained as a result of minimal movement. It’s great if you can stretch and move every once in awhile so that your muscles don’t get too stiff.

3. They Know If You Haven’t Been Drinking Enough Water

They Can Easily Identify If You’re Dehydrated

When your body is dehydrated, massage therapists are able to read the signs. From the dryness in your skin and mouth to the tender areas on your upper back, they are able to identify that you have to increase your water intake.

4. They Know You’ve Been Out Of Town Recently

They Know If You’ve Traveled Recently

This might be a Sherlock Holmes Science of Deduction trick, but massage therapists are able to tell if you’ve traveled via flight recently. The reason they are able to do so is because, when we sit next to a co-traveler, we tend to lean our weight away from them to avoid contact. When we’ve maintained this position for a few hours, it will reflect in our bodies and it becomes evident to our massage therapists without us having to say anything.

5. They Know If You’re An Athlete

 They Know If You’re A Sportsperson

Massage therapists can easily identify if you’re a sports person. Your muscles are used to high levels of wear and tear and have to be stretched out in specific ways to help relax them.

6. They Know If You Carry A Heavy Bag

They Know If You Favor A Particular Side When It Comes To Carrying Bags

The muscles across your shoulder blade becomes a lot tighter in response to the heavy load that you place on it. Therefore, your massage therapist will be able to identify if you carry a backpack or laptop bag often. If you’re used to carrying a bag on one shoulder, your massage therapist is likely to spot this out as well as there will be a noticeable difference between both your shoulder muscles. Another giveaway when you favor one side is that you will tend to shift your weight to that side creating a difference in the muscles tightness.

7. They Know If You’re Constipated

 They Can Identify If You’re Constipated

Having irregular bowel movements? Your massage therapist probably knows. When you’re constipated. The muscles on your stomach tend to become firm and your massage therapist will be able to spot it out as soon as they lay hands on it.

8. They Know If You Text Constantly

Your Posture Reflects Your Texting Habits

Staring into your phone screen all day affects your posture and massage therapists are quick to notice this. It is recommended that we make a conscious effort to correct our posture as it could cause respiratory problems at a later stage in our lives.

9. They Know If Your Allergies Are Acting Up

The Inflammation Around Your Eyes, Forehead And Nose Indicates If Your Allergies Are Acting Up

When your allergies are acting up, the pressure points around your eyes, cheeks, forehead and mouth become inflamed and sensitive. The tissue in these areas also tend to feel different and your massage therapist is likely to know what is going on almost immediately.

10. They Know If You’ve Suffered From Injury

 Your Massage Therapist Knows If You've Been Seriously Injured Even Without The Scars

Massage therapists know if you’ve suffered from a serious injury even if the wound is completely healed and if you have no scars to show. The muscles and ligaments under the affected area may not have completely regenerated and they will be able to make this out as soon as they feel it.