What Your Birth Month Says About Your Sex Life

Ever wondered how people born in different months can have dissimilar preferences in bed? Based on the month you are born in, you have certain likes and dislikes during sex.

If your partner is born in a different month, he could have completely opposite traits from you, which could also lead to incompatibility in bed. Knowing what your partner may like can help you focus on the right things and leads to a better sex life.


What Your Birth Month Says About Your Sex Life

Here’s what your birth month says about how you are in bed and what you enjoy:

1. January: Wild

January-borns are wild in bed


January borns are usually shy. Expecting them to be expressive when you barely know them would be wrong. However, they can be the most fun loving people once they are comfortable with you. Once they reach that stage, they will do anything to make your feel good.

They have a wild side to them, and like the most bizarre things in bed. People born in January like to experiment with new things during sex even though they find it difficult to express their love.


2. February: Adventurous

February-borns are passionate in bed

People born in February are mysterious and passionate. You really have to work very hard to connect with them.


Although they are adventurous, they can become emotionally distant even if they love you. Their devotion towards the people they love can help them have a successful sex life.

3. March: Spiritual

march-borns connect spiritually


March-born people love sex. They are extreme lovers and can go to any extent to satisfy you and can take sexual intimacy to a different level.

They believe in spirituality and therefore have a spiritual bond with their partner. This makes them spend more and more time with their partner in bed.


4. April: Intimidating

April-borns have a short-lived interest in people

Bold and intimidating are the 2 main characteristics of April-borns. Their interest in people can be short-lived, but they are extremely passionate and romantic. However, when they still interested in their partner, they give their all to perform in bed and nothing can stop them.


5. May: Stubborn

May-borns like a comfortable environment for sex

People born in may have a dreamy idea about sex. They are very particular about whom they have sex with and how. They prefer a sexual experience like it is seen in the movies, where there is a nice and comfortable bed in the “perfect” setting. If they don’t get such a place to have sex, they prefer not having it at all.

It can be difficult to make them try new things and they don’t like experimenting with new things, even if it is affecting their sex life. They are systematic but stubborn.

6. June: Inquisitive

June-borns indulge in dirty talk

June-born people are inquisitive and wild. They like to try out new things in bed and want to experience everything.

Sex with a June-born can be interesting as they are very open-minded and will not think twice before telling you what they feel. People born in June can also heighten the sexual excitement with dirty-talk.

7. July: Considerate

July borns have fair sex

People born in July prefer having a sexual relationship with people with whom they can connect emotionally. But if they do connect with you, they are very considerate in bed.

July-borns believe in fair sex. They will ensure that their partner is satisfied and give them everything that they would expect or what they are experiencing.

8. August: Demanding

August borns are demanding

Having sex with an August born can be difficult, considering their big egos. Every step and move must be measured. Although they don’t like being told what to do, one wrong move can put you in trouble.

Furthermore, they may be demanding, but at times they can be generous in bed.

9. September: Passionate

September borns control their emotions

September borns are hard workers in bed provided they feel an emotional connection with you. And when they do, they will work hard to please you.

Despite this, people born in September can find it difficult to let go of their emotions and control them.

10. October: Seductive

October borns don't rush into things

People born in October don’t rush into things. They take their time to please and seduce the other person and ensure that they have a great sexual experience.

Sex with an October born is full of love, passion, and care.

11. November: Kinky

November-borns are kinky

Sex with a November born is kinky and adventurous. They love experimenting and wish to try everything under the sun. Sex for them is all about passion.

12. December: Creative

December borns love roleplaying

Sex with a person born in December is fun. December-borns enjoy foreplay and are open to roleplaying. When they have sex with the person they love, they ensure that they satisfy them and it is their best experience.

Their creativity is what makes sex with them so good and enjoyable.