What The Size And Shape Of Your Bump REALLY Reveals

Your baby bump attracts everyone. A lot of comments will appear as soon as someone spots your bump. Some people may predict the gender of your baby and some may even forecast the mode of delivery. There is no dearth of old wives’ tales when it comes to pregnancy. So, it’s natural for you to look at the size and shape of your bump and think, ‘Does it really matter?’ Ladies, your little bump can, in fact, tell you a few things and there are a few other things, which it can’t tell. Here we go.

Nothing About Gender

Yes, it can’t reveal anything about gender. Sorry to disappoint you!


If someone has told you that your high and pointed belly says that you are carrying a boy, you will have to ignore it. Because we don’t have science to back up the claim. Your bump says more about your physical features. Turns out, the shape of the bump entirely depends on the way a mother’s body accommodates the baby inside.

For instance, if you are a tall woman you will have more space between the pubic bone and top of the abdomen and thus, the pregnancy weight is distributed evenly. At the same time, shorter women may have more protruding bumps than taller women. You being short in stature, there is less room for the uterus to grow upwards between the pelvis and the ribs. So, it expands outwards as the pregnancy progresses.

Nothing About The Baby’s Size

Our common sense tells us that big bump indicates a big baby. Wrong!

Many other factors may contribute to a bump. It can be because of too much amniotic fluid. Or even benign growth in the uterus might be a reason. Sometimes weaker abdominal muscles result in a big belly. Your baby’s size does not have anything to do with the size of your bump. With a bigger baby in your tummy, the bump can look smaller than that of a 6lb baby. The bump depends on the shape of the mother’s body.

Then, What Does Your Bump Reveal?

As we said, your bump can give hints about some other things.

Number of babies you have had: Your muscles have been through the whole pregnancy process before. When you get ready for your second or third pregnancy, your pre-stretched muscles are more elastic. Moreover, the female hormone progesterone’s effect will be evident in your body more quickly in second and third pregnancies. So you will show sooner and lower.

Strength of your abdominal muscles: The structure and tone of your abdominal muscles have a say in the shape of your bump. With tighter abs, your belly will have a firm support. And, thus, you tend to carry higher. This will be much more evident in your first pregnancy. So, anyone with an athletic physique will have a neat and petite bump.

Position of Your Baby: To a certain extent, it is true that the shape of your bump changes according to the position of your baby. If your baby’s back is parallel to the mother’s back, your abdomen looks flatter. And if the baby has its back alongside your front your belly may stick right out.

Remember, the shape and size of your bump are immaterial. A bump tells you far more about the woman than the weight or gender of her baby. Hence, it is important to stay fit and fine during pregnancy. Healthy habits during pregnancy are what decides the health of your baby. Focus on nutritious food, regular exercise, and a quality lifestyle so that you will be blessed with a healthy little one, irrespective of size and shape of your bump.