What should your blood pressure really be?

What should your blood pressure really be?
What should your blood pressure really be?

For years, we were told that a good blood pressure was 120/80. In recent years, the pharmaceutical companies re-vamped the standard and set it at 110/70.   But that is NOT what the literature suggests!!

I was taught in Naturopathic College, that for every decade over 60 – you could raise the rate about 10% without concern.

But in a new article published in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) suggests that this is all wrong. They put together 17 academics to review the literature and came up with: for those 60 years and older – we need a blood pressure rate of less than 150/90!!

The panel included: “The panel members appointed to JNC 8 were selected from more than 400 nominees based on expertise in hypertension (n = 14), primary care (n = 6), including geriatrics (n = 2), cardiology (n = 2), nephrology (n = 3), nursing (n = 1), pharmacology (n = 2), clinical trials (n = 6), evidence-based medicine (n = 3), epidemiology (n = 1), informatics (n = 4), and the development and implementation of clinical guidelines in systems of care (n = 4).”

AND, even more importantly “Panel members disclosed any potential conflicts of interest including studies evaluated in this report

and relationships with industry. Those with conflicts were allowed to participate in discussions as long as they declared their relationships, but they recused themselves from voting on evidence statements and recommendations relevant to their relationships or conflicts”

Both quotes taken from the JAMA article: http://jama.jamanetwork.com/article.aspx?articleid=1791497

One 150/90 is a far cry from 110/70 – and certainly eliminates a significant number of people from having to take toxic man made laboratory pharmaceuticals that deplete the body of the very nutrients it needs, never mind taking ATP energy from the body to metabolize these toxic drugs.

So why do you think there is such a discrepancy? It couldn’t possibly be $$ – of course not…but then what is it?

Don’t forget Big Pharma have a legal responsibility to their shareholders to make money – they have no legal or moral obligation to the client – you and me.