21st Century Syndrome: Are You Suffering From It?

Are you often irritated? Are you always tired? Have low sex drive? Do you often get a cold? Are you constantly suffering from digestive issues?

Well, then you might be suffering from 21st century syndrome. It might sound funny, but more and more physicians are recognizing this as a pervasive ailment that is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a stress induced syndrome of the 21st century that most people nowadays are having. Doctors are calling it a side effect of living in the modern era where stress has become a constant presence in our lives. Doctors are calling this as adrenal fatigue. This is an umbrella term that doctors are using to categorize other non-specific symptoms under it. This has become so prevalent in our society now that even the World Health Organization has stepped in to recognize its presence.


A Deeper Look Into Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is believed to be happening due to our modern lifestyle that comes with an excessive amount of work and a great deal of stress. Stress is the main problem that is creating a lot of problems in us. Stress can really mess up our hormones which are responsible for maintaining our internal well being. Adrenaline and cortisol are two hormones that are secreted when we are tensed and worked up. Our bodies secrete around 50 hormones to keep us healthy, functional and moving. And adrenaline and cortisol are only two among them. But these hormones play a big role in our general well-being. Hence, their dysfunction is responsible for creating a lot of problems.

Children go through lots of emotions. Excitement and stress are also emotions that they feel. But that phase is generally short-lived for them. During their stressful phase, their adrenaline and cortisol levels rise. But in adults nowadays due to their constant stress, these levels remain elevated all the time. And this causes a lot of health problems that may seem unrelated but are related at a deeper level.

According to a health website, people who are suffering from this syndrome might not be ill in a general sense of the term. But they might be feeling gray and low in energy all the time. Such people would need lots of caffeine to get through their days. They would always feel tired and sickly even if they don’t have any apparent sickness.


Many doctors have confessed that one out of every three patients that they treat is someway or the other is suffering from this condition. Doctors believe that stressors like divorce, financial problems, unstable relationships are all to be blamed for increasing the prevalence of this condition. Stress is making our adrenal glands dysfunction which is responsible for hiking up our cortisol levels. All of these together are manifesting into many bodily dysfunctions like heightened heart rate, digestive problems, fatigue and low sex drive. One of the common things that doctors have noticed is that most people suffering from this disease would always feel like they lack sleep. Stress can take a huge toll on the body and sleep is the first in line to take a beating.

Diagnosis And Prevention

Diagnosis for this syndrome is very simple and easy. Since this syndrome is caused because of the malfunction of a gland and its associated hormones, a simple hormone test is enough to recognize the presence of this condition. A saliva test too is generally done to see whether the cortisol level is high or not in an individual. The way to prevent this syndrome is to avoid taking unnecessary amount of stress. The dysfunction is caused by stress. So, if that can be controlled, this disease can be prevented. Also, good nutrition is very important in alleviating the symptoms of this syndrome and even control it to an extent.

So, take your stress factors less seriously, laugh more, love more and seek happiness in the ordinary. Changing the way you look at life can help you deal with it better.