5 Things Feminists Look For In Men

Feminists really aren't the bra-burning, man-hating people they are made out to be

The “feminist” label tends to do more harm than good when someone puts it on. Unfortunately, feminism is one of the most misunderstood and infamous movements in the present time even though the ultimate aim is to bring equality to everyone. A woman who identifies as a “feminist” is always looked down upon, and people assume she wants women to dominate men instead of wanting equality, that she hates men, and she is willing to use any means necessary to get her point across even if it means humiliating and hurting people. This couldn’t be more false, and those who are fighting for equality always get a bad reputation because of other people who have also misunderstood the message of feminism while fighting for it. Feminist women therefore always have a hard time dating men, because they are immediately categorized and judged. Equality isn’t a bad thing, and feminists aren’t bad people, and they certainly don’t expect to dominate another gender. A feminist wants some important values in the men they date, and they really aren’t too much to ask.

1. Balanced Communication

Communication is the most important foundation of a relationship.


A lot of men think that being unresponsive and aloof when they communicate is mysterious and sexy, but it really isn’t for a lot of women. A relationship is an important part of anyone’s life, and communication is the most important foundation for a healthy relationship. Acting as though you don’t care about what is being said, or not taking the initiative to start continue a conversation only makes a man seem like he is disinterested in the relationship and doesn’t care to invest in a future. A feminist woman wants a flourishing relationship with strong communication, and acting indifferent to seem unattainable and attractive just won’t cut it.

2. Respect For Career Goals

A woman's goals and aspirations are no less than a man's


A woman’s career is just as important as a man’s, and women have the same dreams, goals and aspirations as men do. However, women are automatically expected to make leeway when it comes to their jobs, especially women who work from home often, freelance or have unconventional working hours. Just like a man would want to be taken seriously about his work and their timings, women too would like the same sort of respect and understanding when it comes to their careers.

3. Be Accepting Of The Past

Everyone has a past, and this isn't a judge of character.


There is a very stark double standard when it comes to men and women, and one of the main things that plays out is how people regard a person’s romantic past. Women are expected to either not have a past, or lie about their past, and both of these expectations are impossible and unfair. Everyone, including men, have relationships that are important and end, but this does not mean that a person can be judged because of it. A man who doesn’t tie a women’s worth to her romantic past is not only respectful of her as an individual, but he also accepts her wholly without any conditions.

4. Be Open In Bed

Sexual exploration is an important trait.


When it comes to sex, a lot of men like to believe that their performance is what is most important, and don’t realize that there is more to sex than how quickly you can get the woman to orgasm. It isn’t a race, and it really isn’t about how fast or hard you can go. Sex is a whole experience, and being fully involved in exploring and trying new things matters because it helps both of you enjoy and appreciate it.

5. Be An Ally

Believing in equality will also reflect in the relationship.


If a person respects one women but degrades another, what doe sit say about his/her character? Being an ally in the fight for equality also matters, because it says a lot about how you think about women in general. It is tough enough to not only fight for equality, but to also correct the unfair and misunderstood notions of what feminism stands for. If you have conditions about what equality should be, or you don’t stand up for something that is wrong, it definitely reflects in the relationship.