7 Go-To Sex Positions And What They Say About You

You favourite sex position can say a lot about you

There are small things and habits that tell us a lot about our personality: the nail biter is a nervous person, the one constantly touching her hair might be more anxious than relaxed, and the one who talks really loudly wants to be the center of attention. Our choices and our preferences also make up a lot of who we are, and our individual differences in what we choose make us unique. One of the best markers of our personality is the sex position that we prefer. You certainly don’t hear anyone saying “You’re such a missionary” to each other, but it is surprising how much our favorite sex positions can say about us:

  1. Missionary 

    This missionary is a classic, and is the most comfortable position for both partners. Women who love this position are looking for more intimacy from their partners, and want emotional bonding along with the physical act. It gives both partners a great way to connect to each other since they are face to face, and helps to start things. For men, this position might be one way to have control, as it gives you more driving power. It is more of a romantic position than an adventurous one, however.

  2. Doggy 

    Some believe that this position is the most instinctual one, and how sex was meant to be had. After all, animals mimic this style in their sexual acts too, and this position is a great way to tap into a person’s animalistic instincts. There is more a need for sexual pleasure and freedom to let go with the doggy style, which is different from the emotional connection found in positions like missionary. People who like this style aren’t looking for romance, and can be the more experimental and adventurous type.

  3. Standing 

    This position gives both partners a lot of options about their location: you can try this all the way from the kitchen to the shower. People who like this position are adventurous, but also somewhat naughty. they like the idea of living on the edge, and are driven by spontaneity. There is a thrill because there is a chance of being caught, and this can be a huge turn on This position can make you feel powerful and strong, and those who like it are hardly ever the kind that are “lazy” in bed or any other aspect of their life.

  4. Woman On Top 

    Woman on top is a variation in the missionary position, and is a marker for the need to dominate and control in women. After all, this gives the woman a chance to take the reigns and get what she wants, and she doesn’t mind going the extra mile for it. Men who like this position like the idea of pleasing their partners, and don’t shy away from giving her the power. He is confident to let her get what she needs from the act, but also becomes dominant when the time calls for it.

  5. Spooning 

    This position brings both intimacy and comfort for both the partners, but is also a great way for deeper penetration and pleasure. Even if there is emotional intimacy involved, this position is for those who are passionate and want to please the other person in bed. Moreover, this position is also for those who want to go back to something familiar, and don’t mind going staying their comfort zone when they need to.

  6. 69 

    This position is for those who have a wild side, and aren’t afraid to show it. There is both a give and take here, which means you are unapologetic about giving as well as taking what is yours. This position also points to an unabashed person who isn’t too inhibited about their desires and needs. Moreover, people who like this position aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when they take on a challenge, and will stop at nothing to get the job done.

  7. Scissor 

    Scissoring isn’t an easy feat, so those who like this position are innovative and daring. They don’t shy away from trying something entirely new, and will try to find new ways to hit the spot and succeed. There is experience and craft in the act for those who like this position, and a seasoned lover will be able to give the best experience of this position.