Five Wellness Tips Learned From French Lifestyle And Living

French Lifestyle Plays An Important Role In Maintaining Their Health And Wellness

Different cultures around the world have unique and varying habits that set them apart from the other cultures. The French are no different. There are several positive stereotypes associated with French people including those that claim “French women never get fat” and that “all French women are attractive.” These are generalizations of course, but they may also contain some truth in them. Apart from the French people’s genetic disposition, their lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining their health and wellness. Here are a list of five ways in which the French are different from other cultures around the world.

1. The French Walk A Lot

: French People Prefer Walking Or Cycling Over Other Means Of Transport To Get To Work, Class, Or To Shop


The average level of physical activity in the French is much higher than many other cultures. This is because many French people prefer walking or cycling over other means of transport to get to work, class or to shop. They therefore don’t hit the gym as often as Americans do nor do they need to. Studies have found that people who are more active lead more fulfilling lives. When we exercise, our bodies release endorphins which can act as a major stress buster. Apart from this, people who are active physically tend to feel better about their bodies and a positive body image can go a long way in leading a more content lifestyle.

2. The French Eat More Home-Cooked Meals

The French Do Not Indulge In Fast Food As Much As Americans Do

The French diet in many cases is healthier than the American diet as it is cooked using fresh produce from the markets. There are a large number of local fruit and vegetable vendors that many people prefer going to over large supermarkets. Apart from eating healthy home-cooked food, the French do not indulge in fast food as much as Americans do. A study published by the United States Department of Agriculture shows that almost one thirds of the U.S. dollar is spent on eating out services. That is not to say the French don’t indulge at all. But when they do, they consume very small portions. Enjoying high fat food in limited portions coupled with plenty of exercise is something that they have learnt to do.

3. The French Don’t Go All Out With Makeup

Looking Your Best Naturally Is Something That Many French People Believe In

Healthy skin and hair is an indicator of overall good health. Many French women therefore make it a point to take care of their skin while not relying that heavily on makeup. Many of them spend time treating it naturally and ensure that their skin is as healthy as they are. Looking your best naturally is something that many French people believe in.

4. They Accept Aging Gracefully

 Most French People Prefer To Embrace Their Natural Look Regardless Of Age

Wrinkles are beautiful. Many French people accept aging gracefully and don’t fight the reality with anti-aging creams and other products. According to the American Society Of Plastic Surgeons, “there were 15.9 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015, a 2 percent increase over 2014.” Most French people prefer to embrace their natural look, regardless of age, and try to find ways to complement and highlight their unique features.

5. The French Practice Good Habits From A Very Young Age

French children are made to practice good habits from a young age. From eating small portions mindfully to drinking plenty of water, they develop a sense of discipline that ensures they don’t have as many food cravings in their adult life. It is easier to cultivate these habits in children early on rather than waiting for them to change their pattern of living at a later stage. French parenting style in general has also been noted to be extremely different from that of the American parenting style.