5 Weird Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy causes many changes in a woman’s body and mind. The expecting mother’s body is completely transformed and there are many mental changes she undergoes during her pregnancy. Out of all the changes a woman can undergo during her pregnancy, we have picked the 5 weirdest changes an expecting mother can expect while she’s carrying.


1. Pregnancy Affects The Woman’s Brain

Several studies have proved that pregnancy can cause changes in the woman’s brain. A pregnant woman has a condition known as ‘pregnancy brain’ where she gets forgetful about things which increase as your pregnancy progresses. A group of English researchers conducted a test in 2010 where the pregnant women’s spatial memory was observed. Spatial memory is the ability to remember where you left things or objects are located. The study consisted of 23 pregnant and 24 non-pregnant women. The results showed that the pregnant women were more forgetful in their second and third trimesters when compared to the non-pregnant women.

2. You Have More Blood Now

Once you’re pregnant, your blood volume increases. Once women reach their 20th week of pregnancy, their body

has 50% ┬ámore blood than they had before pregnancy. This sudden rise in blood volume is due to the addition of new blood vessels which aid in your baby’s growth and development. The pregnancy glow that women seem to have can be attributed to the extra supply of blood in their system. The extra blood gives an increased blood circulation, thereby adding a glow to your skin.

3. Excess Fluids

Much like the excess blood, your body also experiences edema or accumulation of excess fluids in your body. This excess fluid makes up about a quarter of your pregnancy weight you’ve gained. Due to this excess fluid, you may experience a condition called as carpal tunnel syndrome. This is a syndrome where your hands are weak and your fingers become numb and have a tingling feeling. This is because gravity causes fluid to accumulate in your wrists when you leave your hands hanging by your side. And when you hand your hands by your side, the excess fluid presses over your nerves and leads to carpal tunnel syndrome.

4. Estrogen And Progesterone Spikes


pregnant women complain of bleeding gums when they brush or floss their teeth. The excess blood in your system can be the reason for this bleeding. The extra blood fills up the gums thereby creating little sacs of blood. Sometimes, even if you’re not brushing, you may notice bleeding in your gums. However, if you notice a lot of blood, consult your doctor or dentist. Heavy bleeding means you may be suffering from periodontitis. Periodontitis is a condition where a severe inflammation is seen in the tissues supporting your teeth.

5. Nose Swells

When you’re pregnant, your hormones are on a ride and cause most of your pregnancy symptoms. One of the symptoms caused by your raging hormones is the swelling of your nose’s inner lining. When the inner lining of your nose swells, the gap or area for air to circulate is reduced in your nose. This blockage leads to congestion, bleeding, and also snoring. Easy or common remedies for nose swells are saline nasal sprays.

Pregnancy is no easy phase. It comes with great responsibility and much bigger changes both in

your body and life as such. Each woman’s pregnancy is unique and cannot be compared with another woman’s pregnancy. However, there are some common symptoms most women experience during this phase such as cramps, nausea, tiredness, and backaches apart from the many. The best you can do is to keep yourself hydrated, healthy, and stress-free. The key to a safe and secure pregnancy is a healthy and relaxed expecting mother.