6 Strange Ancient Home Remedies That Might Actually Work

Without the gift of modern science to help them out, our ancestors had to resort to other methods to treat their illnesses. They often used natural ingredients they had on hand to make tonics, herbal teas and poultices. While many of their methods have now been proved to be completely ineffective (and in some cases harmful), not all of them are obsolete. If you’re looking for home remedies that are safe and cost-effective, give these six things a try.

1. Onion Juice For Earaches

A earache is often caused by bacteria living in your ear cancel, excess fluid in your ears or inflammation of the ear canal. They can be extremely painful, making it difficult for you to talk or eat. Onions contain sulfur which can work effectively against earaches by killing harmful bacteria. They also have anti-inflammatory compounds which can reduce the intensity of your earache. Boil an onion until it’s tender and then squeeze out the juice into a bowl. Making sure it’s not too hot, use a dropper to apply a few drops of the juice into your ear.

2. Sugar For Hiccups

While hiccups aren’t actually harmful, they can be very annoying. Especially if you’re prone to loud hiccups, getting them in public can be quite embarrassing. One way to stop hiccups quickly is to take a spoonful of sugar and let it dissolve on your tongue. While no one is quite sure how it works, some believe that it’s because sugar stops your nerves from telling your muscles to contract. While the science might not be clear, the fact is that it’s proved effective for many people.

3. Baking Soda For UTIs

Women have been getting urinary tract infections since the beginning of time so it’s natural that there’s an ancient remedy for it. Baking soda has been used to treat urinary tract infections for centuries. It’s believed to create an alkaline environment which kills bacteria and prevents it from spreading. Mix a pinch of baking soda in a glass of water and drink two glasses of this during the day. It’s important not to overdo it because it might cause problems in large quantities.

4. Potatoes For Insect Bites

Being bitten by a spider or mosquito can make the whole area extremely itchy. Scratching the bite does absolutely nothing, only making it worse by tearing your skin. The next time you get bitten, resist the temptation to scratch it. Instead, place a freshly cut slice of potato over the bite. Potatoes have soothing, anti-inflammatory compounds which will stop the itching. Potatoes can also reduce the swelling considerably.

5. Dried Fruits For Digestive Issues

When you feel bloated or suffer from indigestion after a meal, it’s usually because our body is unable to break down the food we eat properly. One of the most important compounds for healthy digestion is fiber, both soluble and insoluble. Eating dried fruits like figs and apricots after a meal can improve your digestion. Dried fruits contain a very high amount of dietary fiber, which can help your meal digest easily. They also satisfy your sweet tooth so you don’t go looking for an unhealthy dessert after a meal.

6. Nettle Tea For Hair Loss

Nettle tea might be bitter and unappetizing, but it has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. One of the most popular ways our grandparents and their grandparents used nettle tea was to cure hair loss. If you have excess hair fall, it is probably because your body is lacking certain essential nutrients it needs for proper hair growth. Nettle tea contains high doses of iron, protein and vitamins like A, C and B-complex, all of which are very important for healthy hair. So drink nettle tea regularly to keep your mane thick and glossy.