9 Weight Loss Tips You Need To Follow Before Bedtime

Your bedtime routine is a lot more powerful than you think. Research suggests people who don’t have a disciplined bedtime routine could struggle more when it comes to losing weight. If you improve the routine before you sleep, you have a stronger chance of losing weight faster.

This is what an ideal bedtime routine should include.


1. Eat Carbs Or Protein

Eat carbs or protein for dinner to lose weight

We know it sounds a little dicey. But hear us out. Eating carbs or proteins for dinner could actually help you stay away from overeating the next day. One study revealed participants who were placed on a low-calorie diet and ate carbs mostly for dinner had greater weight loss and reduced belly fat when compared to those who followed a low-calorie diet but included carbs throughout the day. Another option is to eat lean meat for dinner. Since they contain certain amino acids that can help you sleep better.


2. Drink Tea

Drink peppermint tea before going to sleep for weight loss

Looking to unwind and burn fat at the same time? Have a cup of tea! A study revealed drinking rooibos tea could help reduce stress levels and belly fat. Other teas you could include before bedtime are chamomile, valerian, and lavender. Another option is to drink a cup of peppermint tea. Studies reveal sniffing peppermint every two hours helped curb appetite and resulted in greater weight loss.


3. Set Kitchen Hours

Follow a kitchen routine if you want to lose weight

Our ancestors would never walk into the kitchen post dinner. They didn’t have midnight snacks or cravings. One study suggests following a similar routine – i.e closing the kitchen early –  could help you lose more weight and maintain it as well. The interesting study revealed mice who ate healthy throughout the day, (including midnight snacking) put on weight while the mice who were fed a normal diet and followed a 16-hour food ban lost weight. So, fix a kitchen deadline!


4. Create A To-Do List

Write a to-do list every night before you sleep

If you ask people who have gone on a weight loss journey, they would tell you determination played a huge role. The more you have control over your day, the higher chances of eating clean and hitting the gym. So, what do they recommend? Write a to-do list every night before you sleep and stick to it. This tiny step can keep you organized and disciplined.


5. Take A Bath

Try taking a bath or a shower before you sleep

What does taking a shower in the evening have to do with weight loss? A lot, it seems! A temperature drop in your body can help you sleep better. This, in turn, reduces cortisol, the stress hormone that stores fat. Also, when your body is cooler, you start stimulating brown fat which helps to burn more calories. Try to take a shower or have a bubble bath before you hit the bed. Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after a good bath.


6. Turn Off The Lights Completely

People who sleep in darkness have lesser risk of becoming obese

Do you sleep with a night lamp? If you do, you might consider stopping it right away. Turns out, people who sleep in complete darkness have 21% lesser risk of becoming obese compared to people who sleep with light. One reason could be darkness allows you to have longer uninterrupted hours of sleep. And when you sleep better, it results in better control of your weight.


7. Keep Electronics Out Of The Bedroom

Keep electronics out of the bedroom for better sleep

Do you scroll down your mobile in bed? Maybe watch TV right before you asleep? Research reveals people who can’t get enough of their electronics even during bedtime have an increased risk of becoming overweight. Try keeping your bedroom free from electronics. Keep your mobile far away from reach.

8. Have Sex Or Treat Yourself

Have sex or masturbate before bedtime for better sleep

There are multiple opinions regarding sex and weight loss. Some experts claim a good half an hour of sex could burn up to 200 calories. While others say, since the average amount of sex is around 6 minutes, it results in just a few calories being burned and not enough to make a difference in weight. But there’s no divided opinion on what sex does to your stress levels. The doctor’s advice? Have sex.

9. Sleep Well

Have uninterrupted sleep for better chance of losing weight

It’s really simple. The better you sleep, the better your body performs. And how do you sleep well? Breathe through your nose. Remove things from the bedroom that could distract you. You deserve uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep every night.