Scale It Down: 8 Tips To Lose Weight And Feel Good

Stepped on the weighing scale lately? Unhappy about the number staring back at you? Fret not, take a deep breath. Losing weight can be frustrating, at times. But instead of constantly fretting over that number, think about how you feel inside.


Does sluggish, weary, drained come to mind? Yes, we know the feeling. Focusing on how you feel could do the trick (fix the number on the scale!).

And let’s break it to you – there are no shortcuts to weight-loss. What works is – eating right. Yes, eating. Starving brings the opposite of the result you are seeking. Adhere to the winning pattern – eat right – did we say that already?



The tips we share aren’t anything new, but we urge you to try them out – one more time. And this time observe and journal how you feel. Identify foods that make you feel energetic and fresh versus foods that leave you feeling exhausted, bloated and tired. Not only will you shed those clingy pounds, you’ll feel bright and cheery too!

1. Tuck Into A Hearty Breakfast

First meal is crucial, skipping it is a NO-go. Grabbing an aerated drink, won’t cut it either! Do be mindful of breakfast portion size and quality instead.   It should be a balance of carbs, protein and vitamins/minerals. A legit breakfast will keep you full longer and stop you from snacking unnecessarily.



2. Snack Wisely!

When hunger strikes, snacking is inevitable. So, make sure you have smart picks at hand. A wise move would be to: Swap packaged snacks with healthy homemade ones. Learn to cook your favorite foods at home with healthy substitutes. You will be surprised to see how easy and satisfying it is to replace pasta with zoodles or your dessert cravings with a healthy carrot and beetroot chocolate cake.


Reduce the sugar you add to your cereals or coffee or tea.

Added sugar is unavoidable (it is literally in everything!), but you can surely lower your intake. When you do want that extra sweetness reach for the natural stuff like honey!


Snack-time can include a cup of green tea or a glass of fresh juice.

Green tea is ideal for shedding a few pounds. Add a squeeze of lemon for a little flavor and to amp up the antioxidant effect. Opt for black coffee (to avoid cream and sugar!) or a fresh glass of juice. Notice how refreshed and light you feel.


Have a light snack before dining out.


Grabbing an apple or a small cup of greek yogurt/quick and yummy avocado toast before heading out for dinner with friends or family, will reduce your hunger and less eating come dinner time.

3. Give Into Your Cravings (Occasionally)

Relent. Relish that piece of bliss. Depriving yourself may lead to bingeing later.

4. Drink More Water, Less Booze

Did you know that thirst can mask as hunger? Yeah well, next time hunger strikes, have a good gulp of water. Chances are you won’t be hungry after a glass-full of water. But if you are still hungry then by all means eat. A glassful (water, mind you!) before any meal will ensure you don’t overeat. Pass the glass, please.

And, yes, cut back on the alcohol, it can hamper your healthy eating decisions plus its full of sneaky calories.

5. Workout Regularly

Don’t force yourself into a gym. Instead, pick up a physical activity that you enjoy such as walking, hiking, yoga, or swimming (stick to it!). Beginner’s tip – skip the escalators/elevators, and climb them stairs. Stair climbing is a good cardio plus it tones your calves, glutes and hamstrings!

Need motivation? Find a workout buddy.

6. Practice Mindful Eating

Our body has become so accustomed to “bad eating” that it can no longer read it’s own cues accurately. It easily mistakes hunger with cravings.

For mindful eating:

Make your couch a “No-Eating” zone

This can turn into a mindless binge-fest. Having your dinner at the dining table or kitchen bar will make you more responsible.

Wait before you grab that second helping.

It takes a little time for your brain to register fullness. So, it is best to wait for a while before grabbing second helpings or moving to desserts.

Swap “Boredom Eating” With “Productive Tasks”
If you have a habit of snacking out of boredom, try and replace it with some productive and fun tasks (like painting your nails for instance!).


7. Relax, De-stress, And Sleep Smarter

Stress and sleep deprivation, both can trigger cravings. Give your body ample rest to help shave off extra pounds.

8. Use An App/Jot It Down In A Journal To Track Your Progress

Monitor your food intake/daily physical activity using fitness apps or by maintaining a food journal. This will help you regulate your behavior, rule out unhealthy eating patterns, and most importantly be mindful of the health and fitness choices you make.