Why Is Weight Gain During Your Second Pregnancy Different From The First?

Are you pregnant for a second time? Have you noticed a greater change in your weight gain than the first time? Are you showing sooner than the last time or do you feel heavier already, even though it’s still too early?


If your second pregnancy weight gain seems to concern you, don’t worry yet. Read our post and understand why it is so.

Weight Gain During Second Pregnancy: How It Differs From The First?

Now that you are in your second pregnancy, you will realize that there are many different things about this pregnancy than your first pregnancy. In fact, every pregnancy is different from the other, and has one crucial difference that you may note is your weight gain. The amount of weight you put on throughout your second pregnancy will be quite different from how it was the first time. In addition to gaining more weight faster, you will also start showing sooner.

Here are a few pointers that will help you

understand why you have a different pattern of weight gain in second pregnancy:

1. You May Be A Little Overweight During Conception As Compared To Your First One:

Once you have had a baby, it is difficult for you to lose all those extra kilos. Your body also takes much longer to get back in shape, especially to your pre-pregnancy shape.

  • If you have conceived in a short gap after having your first baby, it is likely that your body did not have enough time to shed the excess weight you gained during the first pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy affects you in many ways, and one of the biggest changes it does is to your hormones. Your hormones as well as your metabolism go through many changes during your pregnancy. At the time of your second pregnancy, your body will have already experienced many changes that can pile on the kilos faster and make it difficult to lose weight.

2. Your Baby Is Positioned Lower:

Once you have a first pregnancy, your uterus never shrinks back to its previous size. As a result, your

belly starts growing faster and even shows faster than the first time, making you look bigger sooner than before.

  • Pregnancy stretches the muscles of your abdomen, making them weak. As a result, your abdomen is not able to support your baby well the second time, which causes your fetus to move lower into the abdomen. You may feel it is not a good thing, but if your baby is placed lower, it will mean that you will have less difficulty in breathing and eating, as compared to your first time.
  • However, the problem that you may encounter when your baby is placed lower in your abdomen is the urge to urinate more frequently than last time. You will also experience a higher pressure on your pelvic area and your bladder, which can result in a lot of pelvic discomfort. Carrying your baby lower in the abdomen can also place more strain on your back, resulting in back pain that can sometimes become a permanent fixture.

Extra Care During Second Pregnancy:

Follow some tips to take extra care during your second pregnancy.

  • Keep your cravings under
    control and do not give into unhealthy eating. Make sure you eat healthily and eat at home as much as you can.
  • Continue with exercising once your doctor has given you the go-ahead. If you feel tired, continue with brisk walking.
  • Do not pick up anything heavy and never bend down directly. Instead, bend your knees while reaching down.

Try to lie down on your left side and place a pillow between your legs for added support and comfort.

It is normal for your 2nd pregnancy weight gain to be different from the first. If you are concerned, speak to your doctor to rule out any health issues.