Weekend Recipe For Healthy Naan Curry Pizza.

Weekend Recipe For Healthy Naan Curry Pizza.

Weekends are meant to be fun and leisure. Come weekend, both me and hubby start craving for something comforty, something easy and special to treat our tastebuds! Weekends translates to no rules today at our home…eat what the body craves for and savor the dish!! Here is a simple recipe that fits the bill for a lazy afternoon snack.

Both the Indian and Italian spices burst synergistically in this “fusion” pizza. The popular Indian flatbread naan is topped with Italian spinach-garlic pesto and everything comes together with the curry flavored raw toppings!! Two words come to mind – simply scrumptious! 🙂

Conquering your Cravings:

Today, when I look back at my old-self, I can proudly say have come a long way following my healthy Jeeva lifestyle! In the past, on weekends when the cravings hit, generally 9 out of 10 times, used to hit some fancy restaurant or a gourmet pizza joint and give in to my irrational cravings….

But when I started diligently eating fresh home-made meals prepared with love

and attention, I started noticing my taste buds were getting refined to foods that contained naturally high energy which is referred to as prana in Ayurveda. So, once your tastebuds get addicted to this high prana foods you are naturally pulled to the kitchen to create your own meal which indeed becomes a blessing for your body and mind!

With this amazing shift in my palate, well tuned tastebuds, and a new-found reverence to feed my body the optimum nutrition it deserves, has brought about a quantum-shift in my mind-set. So, today, when my body craves for something comforty and special over the weekend, instead of rushing out to eat, I naturally gravitate to my kitchen and come up with some quick and tasteful snacks to fully satisfy my palate.

Weekend Naan Pizza Recipe:

Weekend Naan Pizza (ingredients)
Weekend Naan Pizza

Ayurveda tells us our tongue is the highest tool for optimal digestion and health. In today’s hectic modern life, we need to learn to sharpen our taste buds so that it can efficiently communicate with our second brain, a.k.a. our stomach to make the right choices with food. My mantra for eating healthy is NOT about counting calories, instead counting taste and nutrition in my food!

The various texts of Ayurveda, all say one thing, that our tongue and our stomach are the best “diet gurus” for us to eat what is right for our own unique body constitution! And to come to that state of realization to follow the gut instincts of our tongue and our stomach it starts with eating at least one fresh home-made meal a day made with love and reverence for our body!!