9 Ways Your Life Changes When You Drink Only Water

We all know how water is one of the best things you can put into your system. We often take for granted what a miracle water is. It’s in every single part of our body, making sure things keep moving. The smallest of cells need water to function. You’ll notice that many people are opting to go on a sort of water cleanse where the only beverage they drink is water. This may seem impossible, especially for all our caffeine and sugar addicts out there, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Turns out, it can do wonders for your health. Here’s how.

1. Younger Looking Skin

Water helps tighten and clear up skin


Your skin is one area that really needs hydration. Drinking lots of water can replenish collagen and make your face look fuller. Thanks to this, water can tighten your skin and make wrinkles and under-eye bags seem less apparent. If you have problems with acne or zits, water can clear it up right away. Spend just a week on this cleanse, and you’ll see a world of difference in your skin.

2. Improved Cognitive Performance

Water helps improve brain function.


You’ve heard that water makes up most of our body. The brain is no different. Our brains are roughly 73% water and it definitely needs that water to work properly.1 This is because all that water carries the oxygen our brain runs on.You’ll be pleased to know that drinking water can actually significantly improve cognitive performance.2 It’s true. Water makes you smarter!

3. Flushed Out Toxins

Water flushes out toxins in sweat and urine


The excess water in our body is dispelled through various systems. It escapes our skin through sweat and our digestive system through the kidneys, bladder, and the urinary tract. This water takes with it harmful toxins that we might have ingested from our food. You can see this property put to use to treat UTIs. A popular home remedy for UTIs is to drink copious amounts of water. This is because it helps the system flush out the bacteria present in the tract.

4. Improved Digestion

 Water regulates bowel movements


Water helps maintain digestive functions by breaking down food along with other digestive juices. It also helps the body absorb nutrients more effectively. If you are constipated, it may be a sign that you do not have enough water in your diet because it’s what keeps bowel movements regular.

5. Improved Immunity

Water is needed to make white blood cells


Water is an essential part of your immune system. Your body needs water to make white blood cells and transport them throughout your system. These white blood cells defend your body from infections and disease. It also keeps your eyes and nose moist which helps them naturally wash out irritants like dust and other foreign objects, preventing them from entering the body.

6. Better Heart Health

Water reduces risk of heart disease


Your heart is also roughly 73% water, which means, like every other part of the body, it needs water to function efficiently.3 But water can also help in other ways. Just as sodium can make your blood thicker and make it harder for your heart to pump, water helps thin out your blood. Studies show that people who drink 5 or more glasses of water a day are 41% less likely to suffer from a heart attack.4

7. Weight Loss

Water boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite


You may notice after a few days of starting this new regime, you might gain a few pounds because of water retention. Once this period passes, you’ll actually notice yourself shedding weight instead. Water helps you lose weight in two ways. Firstly, it boosts your metabolism. And secondly, water acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Drinking one or two glasses of water before a meal will make you feel fuller and eat less. Not to mention, you’ll be avoiding all the calories you would otherwise get from fruit juices, alcohol, and drinks with added sugar.

8. Saves Money

Spending on other beverages is cut down

This one is the least obvious benefit to drinking only water. But it’s true. All that money you would normally spend on expensive, fresh fruit juice, alcoholic beverages, gourmet teas, and blended coffee shakes(you know exactly the kind we’re talking about) goes back into your pocket. Added up over 30 days or longer, that’s quite a substantial amount.

9. Improves Mood

Water has been shown to improve mood.

Increasing water intake has been proven to improve mood. More water can keep you calm, satisfied, content and help you feel more positive. Researchers also found that reducing water intake has the opposite effect.5 So next you feel a little cranky, fatigued, or just stressed, try drinking a glass or two of plain old water.

It may be difficult to stay away from every other drink, but as you can see for yourself, it can be totally worth it. Try starting out with just a week’s cleanse and build from there. This is a trend you definitely won’t regret trying.