7 Surprising Ways You Harm Your Vagina During Summer

Did you know vaginal infections are more common during summer? Thanks to the increase in heat and humidity, your vagina could be prone to yeast infections or bacterial growth. That’s not all. There are also things that you do that aggravates the vagina, making it more susceptible to infections.

The most common issues women get during summer are vaginitis (an inflammation of the vagina) and urinary tract infections. The only way out is to keep your vagina clean and dry. Here’s what you should stop doing immediately.


Vaginal Mistakes You Should Stop Making

1. Shaving Or Waxing Before You Hit The Pool

Vaginal mistakes in summer Shaving Or Waxing Before You Hit The Pool

If you are planning to hit the pool, don’t trim your genital area just a few hours before you swim. Gynecologists recommend a gap of at least 24 hours between shaving or waxing and swimming to reduce risk of vaginal infections. The chlorine content in the swimming pool or salty sea water can irritate infected pores, eventually leading to vaginitis. Gynecologists also suggest moisturizing the area with virgin olive oil after trimming.


2. Lingering In A Wet Bikini For Hours

Vaginal mistakes in summer Lingering In A Wet Bikini For Hours

We know it’s amazing to lounge around in a bikini for hours after a dip. But a damp bikini is really not vagina-friendly. Summer heat, moisture, and retention of sweat makes it an ideal environment for yeast and bacteria to grow. You are also prone to UTI and vaginitis.


3. Wearing Tight Clothes

Vaginal mistakes in summer Wearing Tight Clothes

Summer calls for comfortable and airy clothes. If you stick to tight clothes often, you restrict blood flow, moisture builds up, and you constrict airflow. This causes your skin down there to get irritated and it becomes an environment for bacteria to thrive. Pick breezy clothes whenever you can.


4. Wearing Non-Cotton Panties

Vaginal mistakes in summer Wearing Non-Cotton Panties Underwears

The vagina loves cotton undies. Cotton is a very breathable material unlike silk or satin. Cotton panties keep your vagina dry and reduce skin irritation. Silk, satin, or lacy panties lock in heat and moisture, and suffocate the skin – ideal for bacteria to spread.


5. Douching For Vaginal Health

Vaginal mistakes in summer Douching For Vaginal Health

It is estimated that in the U.S, one in five women between 14-44 years of age douche.1 Douching is one of the worst things to do to your vagina. It can disturb your natural pH balance, irritate vaginal skin, and wash out healthy bacteria. The vagina is completely capable to keep itself clean. Stick to water and a mild soap free from any scent.


6. Poor Menstrual Hygiene

Vaginal mistakes in summer Poor Menstrual Hygiene

When it’s hot and humid outside, you need to take extra care to prevent infections and any vaginal irritations. Tampons are your friends during summer. It’s a better choice than sanitary pads to keep your vagina dry and moist-free. Gynecologists recommend changing your pad every four hours (however, this is suggestive, if you have heavy flow, you may need to change it sooner). Also, make sure to pick unscented pads or tampons to avoid irritation. P.S. it’s alright to take a dip in the pool during your period. Wear a tampon and you are good to go!


7. Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

 Vaginal mistakes in summer Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

While sitting for long hours is the worst thing for your lower back, turns out, it’s bad for the vagina as well. When you sit for hours, you restrict airflow and you create friction. This makes it possible for bacteria to spread. It is recommended that you get up from your seat every 20 minutes, if you don’t have a standing desk.

While these measures are followed keeping summer in mind, stick to it throughout the year to keep your vagina healthy. Be extra cautious if you are prone to vaginal infections. Here’s to a happy and healthy vagina!