Ways To Wrap Your Baby To Make Them Sleep For Longer

Swaddling and wrapping your baby gives them a sensation of warmth and security. For newborns, it is more like the comfort of the enclosed space in the mother’s womb if not the same.

Some babies sleep quickly and for a longer duration when swaddled. It also prevents waking up from a jerk of their own reflexes—like sudden arm movements which are common in early weeks of life. If you wrap your baby every time before putting them to sleep, they can pick it up as a cue for bedtime. Swaddling also prevents them from the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Ways To Wrap Your Baby

The way you wrap your baby depends on how your he/she likes being in it. Some munchkins like it cozy and packed, while other babies prefer the freedom of being able to suck on their hands or thumb. For those, who kick away the blankets at night, the legs must not be wrapped and confined. Here are ways to nest your baby in the comfort of their much-loved blanket.

1. Wrapping The Baby In Cloth/Towel

Create an origami out

of your baby blanket to make your baby feel comfy and warm. Assuming that you have a cotton/muslin cloth or a rectangular blanket, follow this step-by-step process.

1. Spread the cloth/blanket widthways on a flat surface. Fold down the upper side by 20 centimeters, making a strip over the cloth.

2. Place your baby on its back in the center, with the folded cloth staying at the back of their shoulder.

3. Fold the left corner of the blanket over your baby’s arm and chest, and tuck it under their bottom or back on the right side.

4. Repeat it by folding the other side in a similar way, by tucking it under the left side.

5. Fold the end of blanket or cloth over their legs and tuck it under your baby’s back, behind the neck. Make sure they are able to stretch the legs fully and outward. Don’t make it too tight—ensure their hips and legs can move.

Some babies like to keep their hands free to be able to suckle them. For this, when you are wrapping them, make sure to fold the

cloth loosely over their arms, not covering their hands. Choose to leave their hands out when they grow up a little.

Some babies like kicking in the air and don’t want their legs bound in the cloth. If your baby is one of them, leave the end of the cloth hanging out to give them space to stretch their legs.

2. Swaddling Your Baby

Many babies wriggle their way out of their blankets. These babies love smiling at their mommies showing them the achievement of gradually kicking away their comfy blankets. Instead of wrapping your baby up every hour, have a swaddle bag for your baby to nuzzle into.

Swaddle bags are baby suits made of soft fabric and fitted with a zip—they give a sensation of being swaddled. Moms can avoid the task of wrapping their babies in the cloth by simply placing the baby in one such bag and zipping them up to their comfort.
Some swaddle bags make it convenient to allow the babies to place their arms and hands up and not pressed against their chests—this leaves their hands free

if they like to gnaw on their fingers.

You can borrow a swaddle bag before buying one to check if your baby feels the same comfort as in a blanket or cloth.

3. Using Sleeping Bags For Babies

Sleeping bags are not just for adults—there is a variety for babies as well. The benefit of sleeping bags is for the bigger babies who like jerking and kicking—it gives enough space for your infant when he/she is about 4 months old and likes to move around their legs.

Baby sleep is precious and so is yours. Ensure that your baby is comfortable this way. If not, they will let you know quickly—in such case refrain from swaddling them and use a cloth or towel to simply hold them without wrapping it.