Ways To Win The Power Struggle Of Diaper Change

If every single diaper change, especially in the morning, is a power struggle and an exhausting battle where you try to hold down your squirmy little one, there is only one thing that you need the most – a lot of patience.

Kids or children who resist their diaper change in the morning are most likely to say that ‘I’m tired’ or ‘I’m are not ready yet’, while kids who resist changing during the day may do so because it might interrupt their play time or fun time.

If you have been struggling and it is not getting any better, there are some diaper changing strategies to make your diaper change routine easier.

Give Choices, Not Orders

If you are trying to change the diaper against the wishes of your child, offer your kid a choice – which room to change the diaper? – rather than ordering to change. The child will get to choose the room and the power struggle about diaper change would end. First and foremost, all the choices that you give should be acceptable. You cannot give the choice that

you might not end up accepting. Broad and open-ended choices are always good. Even if you give choices to make, that should not represent a punishment as an alternative.

Change Diaper Size

If the diaper gets pee-soaked too fast, check the size and the type of diaper that you use. Leaky diapers may be due to size being small or not absorbent enough. Buy diapers which are extra absorbent and night time diapers to avoid leaky diapers or wet bed cloth.

Diaper Change At Night

If you do not want pee-soaked or wet diapers in the morning when your child wakes up, consider changing the diaper at night. It is easier to change when the child is asleep as most of them are deep sleepers. Try to change before you hit the bed.

PS: If your child is not a deep sleeper, then our empathy is always there for you!

Reduce Fluids Before Bed

The non-stop peeing at night may be due to a lot of fluid intakes just before bedtime. Try to reduce your child’s liquid intake right before bed. Even if your child wants to

drink anything before bed, try to reduce the quantity by giving in smaller cups.

Distract And Divert The Attention

When you distract or divert your child’s attention before changing the diaper, it helps. Any diaper changing songs, funny story, or a countdown would excite your kid. If you make a habit of changing the diaper in a particular routine, the child will get to know the routine. Your kid may become cooperative and you can also break the negative behaviors.

Participation Is The Key

If you let your child participate in the diaper changing activity, he/she will be excited and independent. Simple tasks like pulling a shirt over head, pull out the wipes, or helping with picking the new diaper would make them happy. Improving their interest as well as the cooperation is important.

Patience Is A Virtue

It is easier said than done, but the only solution to morning diaper change without meltdowns is you being patient. Simply wait for sometime before changing and give your child time to wake up and realize that indeed the diaper is soaked. It is good to give some

time and be prepared rather than changing abruptly or unexpectedly.

Surprise The Children

Sometimes, if you give a surprise it creates curiosity in the kid and they will think that there is something to look forward to. This might let them change the diaper without trouble and they will also get a special surprise at the end. It might take some time for your child to understand the concept and trust. Eventually, the child will get into the routine without any fuss.