10 Ways To Use Feng Shui For A More Productive Workplace

Is being at work a weight on your spirit even though you enjoy what you do? Your office space itself might be creating stress and strain, and feng shui can help you explore the ways in which you can tackle this. Your environment can lift your spirits, boost your focus, and fill you with inspiration… and it can also be quite a drain. Considering how much time most of us spend in the office each week – 40 hours or more – there are powerful reasons to continually upgrade your work environment!

Office spaces – whether a cubicle, a shared desk, or a private room – are a vital part of your productive, energizing work life. So, let’s explore some feng shui tips to create the most energized office space possible.


1. Clean Up Your Workspace

Clean every inch of your workspace. If you work in an office, you may want to do this after hours. I like to clean with a solution of white vinegar and water in equal quantities in a spray bottle. Once it dries, the scent dissipates. It’s a great cleaning solution for sealed surfaces and windows (skip on unsealed wood desks and upholstery, and spot test first) and is thought to clear stagnant energies from objects. Big wins on both fronts!

2. Get A View Of The Front Door

It is powerful to see the front door as you sit at your desk. It’s very hard to work in a powerful position if your back is to the door. Keep a mirror on your desk to reflect the view directly behind you if you can’t move your desk around – it will make a difference to your sense of power in the room.


3. Clear Your Drawers

Stuffed drawers are a form of major stress that echoes into your space. You’ll be amazed at how much better you can feel without any clutter surrounding you – even if it’s all stuffed away.

4. Display Art

Display vibrant art – or deeply inspiring art – to spark your creativity. Rainbow colors inspire many in abstract art. You may respond more to a black and white photo of a dramatic landscape. Whatever gives you a feeling of momentum and growth and energy can be the view in front of you. When you see it every time you look ahead, you might feel a burst of joy. Screensavers and telephone lock screens can also give a boost of gorgeousness and inspiration!


5. Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is amazing. Experiment with essential oils to see what will give you a boost. Keep a few oils in your desk drawer – peppermint for mental focus, lavender to calm you down, and rosemary for a deep inspiration.

You can try a USB diffuser that plugs into your computer if you’re permitted, apply oils on a piece of unglazed pottery beside you, or use a spray with drops of oil and distilled water (experiment to find a ratio you enjoy). You can also find oil blends to roll on your wrists directly; this is a great portable option if you are not sensitive to essential oils.


6. Arrange The Wires Away From View

Gather up the wires and tuck them away as best as you can. Nothing screams chaos more than a pile of wires. If you work in an office full of technology, with tons of computers and electronics, keeping indoor plants like ZZ plants and peace lilies that can handle low sunlight and mitigate the electromagnetic fields (electronic stress) in your office. Plants are always rejuvenating, and a local nursery can help you find those that will thrive in your office environment.

7. Clear Your Desktop

As much as possible, utilize the drawers and files so that your visual space is clear. This is vital for focus. Many people feel that if something is out of sight, it is out of mind as well. This makes it tempting to keep the papers around in piles… which brings us to our next suggestion.


8. Keep A Calendar

Use a calendar to keep track of what needs to be done and the targets you are aiming for. This is a huge part of office feng shui. No matter what your furniture looks like, if you are not on the task and not sure of what you are creating, chances are you won’t get much work done! So, here’s the simplest wellness tip: put reminders on your calendar for every little thing, even to stretch and take breaks!

9. Use Ergonomics

Ergonomics matters and the best bet is to consult experts when you need to create ergonomic workspaces. A great ergonomic desk chair is worth the investment, as is taking scheduled breaks to stand, walk, and stretch!


10. Stay Up To Date

Be and stay up to date. There’s nothing more daunting and stressful than a desk full of unfinished projects. Catching up with or staying on top of your work will change the flow of your days. Same goes for a computer that’s not updated, filled with a mess of disorganized files, or not operating properly – it needs your attention. While catching up and upgrading can initially be time-consuming, both will help you feel tremendous momentum and make way for more prosperity!

Follow these simple tips and enjoy setting up a space that is personalized, organized, and energized for the best days of work you’ve ever had!