7 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your Penis

Men value their penises way more than any part of their body. The penis is often a symbol of their manliness and men tend to feel insecure when something goes wrong down there.

Personal hygiene is as important for men as it is for women. So, if you aren’t paying attention to taking care of your penis already, here are a few ways you can begin with.


These are things you can look after yourself and do not require any medical or professional help.

1. Wash Your Penis Regularly

Wash Your Penis Regularly


It is essential to wash your penis every day. While you are in the shower, make sure water and soap reach your penis.

It is important to pull your foreskin back gently and wash underneath it. If this is not done regularly, with time, a cheesy-substance called smegma may begin to gather.1


If smegma builds up in the foreskin, it may cause your penis to smell bad and become a breeding ground for unhealthy bacteria.

Also, don’t forget to clean the base of your penis and testicles, commonly referred to as balls. These areas also need to be washed regularly to avoid sweat from accumulating.


2. Avoid Using Perfumed Products

Use Mild Soaps To Wash Your Penis

Use mild soaps or shower gels to clean your penis. Too much use of it could cause soreness and irritation.


It is sufficient to use warm water to clean your penis on a daily basis; however, if you want to use a soap, choose a non-perfumed product to avoid any irritation.

Avoid using powders and deodorants down there, too, as these may get caught under the foreskin, causing irritation.


3. Choose The Right Underwear

Wear A Clean, Dry Underwear

Whether you choose boxers or briefs, it is important to follow the underwear etiquette – wear it, change it, wash it, and repeat. Choosing an underwear is more of a personal choice. While boxers give you more breathing space down there, briefs give you more support.


If you work out a lot, it is better to change your underwear midday and put on a fresh, dry one for later. It is always better to go for cotton fabric as it may reduce the risk of irritation. Use the fancy, fun fabrics for special occasions.

Another way men like to wear their underwear is not wearing them at all! If you want to go commando, make sure you do it occasionally and with your partner where there won’t be any sweating.

4. Wash Your Hands Before And After

Wash Your Hands Before And After Urinating

It is important to wash your hands after urinating or simply touching your penis. But, it is also important to wash your hands before touching your penis.

If you are working with chemicals or cooking in the kitchen with spices or chilies, it may irritate your penis, making it uncomfortable for you.

5. Be Careful While Trimming

Be Careful While Trimming Or Shaving Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is something that most of us do not enjoy having. Keeping your pubic area clean and hairless is not unhealthy, provided you do it the right way.

Trimming is the most basic and affordable way to go about looking clean down there. Use a good pair of scissors or even an electric trimmer. If you choose to shave, make sure you use a clean, sharp razor and apply a soothing gel or cream before shaving.

6. Protect Your Penis From STIs

Wear A Condom Before Sexual Intercourse To Reduce STI Risk

Condoms do not take the fun away when you have sex with your partner. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases can be avoided by using condoms.

Wearing a condom during sexual intercourse not only protects you but your partner as well.

7. Keep An Eye Out For Lumps

Keep An Eye Out For Lumps

Testicular cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that men are prone to. Young and middle-aged men between the ages 25 and 35 are more prone to this cancer.2

So, it is important to examine your testicles during or after your shower or bath. You can hold your testicle between your thumb and fingers with both hands and roll it gently.3

Look for any lumps or a change in the size, shape, consistency of your testicles. If you find any lumps, get it checked immediately.

So, follow these easy self-care ways to take care of your penis. Not only will it benefit your overall health, your partner would appreciate it too!