5 Simple Ways Bikers Can Prevent Injuries To The Vagina

Do you remember learning how to ride a bike? For many of us, ditching the training wheels was a highlight of childhood. These days, bikes are all the rage – just take a look at the growth of spin classes. Cities are even making bike lanes, complete with bike sharing programs. It’s never been easier to ride a set of wheels. Yet, like all good things, cycling comes with potential downfalls. Have you ever thought about what it does “down there”?

It’s a more common issue for men who ride more than 3 hours a week. Several studies have found that up to 91% of male cyclists experience penile numbness, while up to 50% have reported erectile dysfunction. The nerves, after all, are under a lot of physical pressure. Cycling can cut off the oxygen supply and lead to blood flow problems.1 2


While there’s little to no research on female cyclists, the vagina also depends on nerves and blood supply. Prolonged pressure is not healthy for the perineum! So, do yourself a favor and protect your privates, starting with these 5 tips.3

1. Mind The Handlebars

Adjust the handlebars


Don’t just hop on any old bike. If the handlebars are lower than the saddle, the risk for perineum pressure is more. Eventually, this can lead to nerve damage and injury. Adjust the handlebars if possible. You could also shop around and choose a bike with higher handlebars. It’ll be worth the wait.4

2. Use Traditional Saddles

Use Traditional Saddles


It’s no secret that the seat has a significant influence. When possible, choose a traditional saddle. A 2011 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that it places less pressure on the perineal nerves and pelvic floor. Cut-out and narrower saddles have the opposite effect and you must avoid these seats at all costs.5

3. Adjust The Seat

Adjusting the seat to keep it in level with the handlebars


Choosing the right type of saddle is just one part. Before riding, check the tilt as an upward slant will increase pelvic pressure and damage perineal nerves. Pelvic tilt is one of the most influential factors of pressure. By adjusting the seat a bit, you’ll do a huge favor for your sexual health.6

4. Lean Back

Leaning back as much as possible without falling is good


Riding a bike in an upright position is the best way to reduce pressure. Obviously, you can’t lean all the way back, but try to avoid bending over. This can be tempting when you’re in the zone but think about your lady parts. If you tend to lean forward, try alternating positions while riding.7

5. Take Breaks

Taking adequate breaks will not put too much pressure on the vagina


When riding a bike for a long time, men are advised to take adequate pauses. This tip is applicable for women as well. Take breaks at regular intervals. This isn’t necessary during spin class or a quick ride to the store. But if you’re doing a long-distance bike ride, pausing will help.8

Don’t let the potential risks deter you from getting a set of wheels. Biking is an amazing way to exercise, regardless of your fitness level. Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise on a spin bike can burn 210 to 311 calories! Another 30 minutes of leisurely cycling can also burn 240 to 355 calories.9


Instead of avoiding the ride altogether, protect your privates with these 5 tips. With a safe approach, biking can be a healthy part of your fitness routine.