5 Ways To Stay Active Even If You Have A Desk Job

Do you spend most of your time tied to your desk? Is your desk job making you tired and sluggish? Although this is the only way you can finish your work on time, it can have a major impact on your health in the long run.

However convenient it may be, technology doesn’t allow enough human interaction. You don’t need to move to talk to people or even get your food. This increases the risk of serious health problems, including obesity. Stress at work increases your cortisol levels and reduced body movement makes it worse. Staying active at work will reduce cortisol and keep your stress levels under control, thereby preventing heart disease and weight gain.


Here are 5 ways you can stay active at work and stay healthy.

1. Exercise At Your Desk

Exercise at your desk to stay active even with a desk job


While some offices have flexible work hours, leaving you with enough time for a physical activity. However, if you don’t have enough time for exercise before or after work, you can always work during work.

Sitting on a chair all day can restrict the blood flow in your body, resulting in muscle aches. Although you don’t need to overdo the exercise routine, simple exercises like lunges, wall sit, or tricep dip paired with a few stretches can improve your mood, elevate your energy levels, and reduce stress by improving blood flow in the body.


2. Walk To Work

Walk to work to stay active even with a desk job

Although you may not live close enough to walk to work, find ways to walk at least some distance or just cycle your way to work. You will not only get your daily dose of exercise but also save yourself the trouble of facing lines of traffic. What’s more? You are also doing your bit for the environment by keeping one car less on the road.


Taking the stairs is probably not the first thing that you want to do when you reach work, especially if you are running late. Skipping the elevator and climbing stairs can give you a quick cardio and good energy boost.

3. Take Frequent Breaks

Take breaks frequently to stay active even with a desk job


When you have been sitting at your desk all day, there are chances that you will end up fatigued and bored. This can directly affect your productivity.

Instead of emailing your colleagues or calling them, walk to their desk and have a chat. Taking a short break every few hours can refuel you. Even though this might sound like a waste of time, it will certainly keep your mind fresh. Set a specific time when you want to take a break and ensure that you move around, whether it is for a snack or a cup of coffee.


4. Sit On An Exercise Ball

Sit on an exercise ball to stay active even with a desk job

Sitting on an office chair can make you slouch, which in turn strains your back. Replacing your office chair with an exercise ball can help you maintain your posture as you have to balance yourself on it.


It can prevent a back pain and help you burn some extra calories as you work. With an exercise ball, you rely on your core rather than your back. This helps to strengthen the core muscles and improves your balance. Moreover, it is fun to sit on an exercise ball and much more exciting than an office chair.

5. Stand At Your Desk

Stand at your desk to prevent back pain and lethargy

Everyone usually sits at a desk, how about you try standing and working? You don’t have to stand all day, just a few minutes every 1 hour can do wonders for your health. Sitting all day has been linked to several diseases, including diabetes and heart problems.

It was found that a 170-pound person can burn up to 186 calories in an hour, just by standing.1 You can use a standing desk, adjustable desk, or simply stand at your desk to feel more energetic.