5 Ways To Stabilize Your Blood Sugar All Day

Ways To Stabilize Your Blood Sugar All Day

It’s vital to control your blood sugar. Glucose, after all, is your body’s main source of energy. Many of your cells depend on it for fuel.1

When your blood sugar is too low, you’ll feel lethargic and tired. It’s the reason behind that “afternoon slump.” However, high blood glucose isn’t any better. It can wreak havoc on your body and increase the risk for type-2 diabetes.

If you already have type-1 or 2 diabetes, it’s even more important to keep your blood sugar in check. This is exactly what will prevent major complications.2

It comes down to eating smart. Luckily, it isn’t rocket science! Follow these five tips to maintain your blood sugar levels.

1. Eat Regularly

Eat Regularly To Stabilize Blood Sugar

To even out your blood sugar, eat evenly spaced meals.3 This will keep your levels nice and steady. You’ll need to pay

attention to the time, but the extra effort will be worth it.

If you have trouble eating regularly, set an alarm. You can even use the feature on a cell phone.

Keep a snack with you at all times. Choose something that’s travel-friendly, like a homemade granola bar. This way, if you can’t eat right away, you’ll have something to hold you over.

2. Don’t Skip Meals

Don't Skip Meals To Stabilize Blood Sugar

Having a routine is just the beginning. Take care to avoid skipping meals altogether. Otherwise, you’ll have greater fluctuations in blood glucose.

You’ll also be more likely to gain weight. This isn’t what most people associate with skipping meals! Yet, the period of fasting makes your body think it’s starving. Certain genes will be activated, encouraging fat cells to plump up.4

3. Eat Breakfast

Eat Breakfast To Stabilize Blood Sugar

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OK, so you know not to skip meals. But this also includes breakfast. Spacing out your meals won’t do you well if you skip breakfast.

This meal gets you started on the right foot. When you wake up, your body needs more energy than ever. Breakfast will normalize blood glucose and help you focus on the day ahead.5

4. Focus On Fiber

Focus On Fiber To Stabilize Blood Sugar

Fiber is a carbohydrate, but it takes a long time to be digested. This means it won’t spike up your blood glucose. Instead, fiber will stabilize your levels, even after a meal.6

Plus, fiber keeps you full for a long

time. It’ll help you last until the next meal, making it easy to maintain a regular eating schedule.7

5. Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid Processed Foods To Stabilize Blood Sugar

Whether or not you’re diabetic, stay away from processed food. Examples include sugary cereals, white pasta, and frozen meals. Anything that’s packaged and convenient is also processed.

The carbohydrates in these foods are digested really fast. The result? A spike in blood glucose.

Eat whole foods as much as possible. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and lean protein are excellent options.8

If you have type-1 or type-2 diabetes, listen to your doctor’s guidance. He’ll help you determine the best way to regulate your blood glucose. Depending on your condition, you might have to check it throughout the day. Medicine may or may not be prescribed.9