7 Steps To Ease Inflammation For Long-Term Weight Loss

There is something that most of us need to lose even more than extra pounds. We need to lose excess internal inflammation.

Many diets ignore this topic completely. But until you reduce the inflammation, your body will be like a pogo stick. Your weight will go up down, up down, up down … you get my point.

I’ve realized that many people don’t fully understand the importance of fighting inflammation. Reducing what is inflammatory can help you not only look better but also become more energetic, happier, and vibrant.

And keep in mind that this is a process. It doesn’t happen just from eating a specific superfood or from buying a certain supplement.


But that’s OK. There are many paths to feeling good, both in body and spirit. You have to find the method that works for your body. Enjoy the process.

7 Things To Do To Ease Inflammation

1. Meditate, Do Yoga, Or Take 10 Deep Breaths

Stress is extremely inflammatory. So make emotional self-care and stress relief a priority.


Take little breaks within the day, even if just for a minute or two.

If you feel stress creeping into your shoulders, take a few breaths from the diaphragm and ask yourself to let go.


2. Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Your shoes carry toxins into your home. And then when you walk, you spread the contamination.

If you have carpet in the home, these toxins become more difficult to remove.


3. Stop Consuming Vegetable Oils

These include sunflower oil, canola oil, and safflower oil, which are very inflammatory because of their high omega-6 fatty acid profile. Don’t buy processed foods that contain these.

They also become rancid when heated. Instead, cook with coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable or bone broth, low-sodium soy sauce, or coconut aminos.


4. Wear Non-Toxic Makeup

Have you read the label of your favorite cosmetic product? Most contain 20 to 40 different chemicals. Crazy!

However, homemade cosmetics are not the only answer. Try one of the many brands available that are non-toxic or with reduced chemicals.


5. Don’t Burn Your Meat

Here’s something scary. The government has actually declared burned meat as carcinogenic.

The process of cooking beef, chicken, pork, or fish to a crisp actually changes the chemical composition of what you’re eating, resulting in the formation of toxic chemicals HCA and PAH.

These chemicals are more easily formed at high temperatures like when grilling. And the end result is a state of inflammation. Cook at lower heat to be safe.

6. Throw Out Your Artificial Sweeteners

Many are still consuming artificial sweeteners for the low calorie content. But this artificial sweetener nonsense should end once and for all.

Even healthier-sounding ones are synthetic. And the body reacts to them very similarly to anything else that is chemical based or toxic.

And while you might save calories, the inflammation will still fast-forward you into fat-storing mode. If you want a better-quality sweetener, try whole-leaf stevia instead.

7. Eat More Of Beneficial Bacteria

Bacterial imbalances in the gut are common. They might originate from a history of eating too much sugar, a history of antibiotics, or a history of birth-control pills.

And this imbalance in the gut causes chaos and inflammation throughout the body.

You can help re-populate your gut with the much needed bacteria by eating fermented foods like kimchi, kombucha (unsweetened), kefir, and sauerkraut.

If the bacterial imbalance has become more advanced, a good-quality probiotic can help ease the inflammation.

Why Must You Get Rid Of Inflammation

When you begin a weight loss program, your first agenda should be healing, not starving. You will never lose long-term weight while you are fighting inflammation.

Read that sentence again and really let it sink in.

Any weight-loss program must address this issue. Otherwise, you are selling yourself short.

You are worth long-term results. You are worth not having to fight the same battle over and over again. You are worth more than just putting a band-aid on your health when you have the opportunity to really live and thrive.

When you calm the inflammation, you regain back not just control of your body, but also power over your life.