6 Things Men Can Do To Avoid Becoming Yeast Magnets

Your gender is the last thing that yeast fungi are concerned about. Some of their major concerns include breeding in clammy and moist areas of your body and binging on all the refined carbs you eat as a part of your diet. Since both these characteristics are gender-neutral, a large number of men also suffer from yeast infections at least once in their lifetimes.

Candidly speaking, a yeast attack on your penis manifests as white, shiny patches or red rashes under the foreskin. This is accompanied by severe itching and burning sensation during urination. Rather than resorting to just the external application of anti-fungal creams or powders, you can get lasting relief by making the following changes to your lifestyle.


1. Throw Away Those Tight Pants

tight-fitting clothing and candida

Bottom wear that suffocates your penis and scrotum against your thighs are just what candida is looking for! Tight underpants or pants allows sweat to stay in the skin folds which makes them just the right environment for yeast overgrowth. Always wear loose fitting clothes that are made from natural and breathable fibers like cotton.


2. Maintain Intimate Hygiene At Any Cost

candida grows due to poor hygiene

Keeping your private parts clean, fresh and dry plays a major role in avoiding the growth of yeast. Remember to maintain your pubic hair trimmed or else it will increase the chances of sweat accumulation which will inadvertently lead to the recurrence of nasty fungal infections. Use clean towels or toilet paper to absorb moisture from your genital region especially after using the washroom or involving in physical activity.


3. Avoid Foods That Are Loved By Candida

foods that promote candida growth

Any food that spikes your blood sugar levels in no time is much-loved by candida. If you happen to wonder why despite several doses of medicines and proper hygiene you still continue being a yeast magnet, it’s time to take a good look at what you are feeding on. Your staple diet should have minimal or nil amounts of sugary foods or drinks, caffeinated beverages, alcohol, glutinous grains and processed or refined carbs.


Several long-term studies have proven that candida flourishes in the presence of high blood sugar levels. In fact, a 2014 study found that as low as 0.1% sugar content in blood is enough for candida to grow into more invasive forms.1

4. Tone Up Your Gut Flora

anti-candida foods


The human gut has some amount of candid population which is kept under control by the dominance of the innate good bacterial flora. Your immunity gets compromised because of a high-sugar diet, prolonged antibiotic use or chronic alcoholism, stress, and smoking. This is when the opportunistic candida overpowers the gut flora to establish a full-blown infection.2

The best thing to do is to strengthen your defense mechanisms from within. You can do this by consuming a diet that has low-starch fruits and veggies, non-glutinous grains, healthy proteins, herbs, spices, fermented foods, chicory coffee and herbal teas. Make sure you get adequate rest and have at least 150 minutes of physical activity to enhance your immunity.


5. Indulge In Sex With Caution

can candida spread via sexual contact

Although Candida is not a typical sexually transmitted disease (STD), it can spread via contact between the mouth and genitals. If you are suffering from a penile yeast infection or a case of oral thrush, refrain from giving or receiving oral sex. Make sure you don’t risk your health by enjoying the pleasures of cunnilingus or fellatio with an infected partner as well.3


6. Apply Coconut Oil To The Affected Areas

coconut oil for yeast infection

Coconut oil is a scientifically proven anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent that can help any yeast infection subside. Before bedtime, apply it daily all over those areas that are itching. Researchers have found that regular application can bring faster healing and resolution of infection.45

Yeast infections are indicative of poor diet, hygiene and lifestyle habits. Don’t just treat the symptoms but adopt the measures above to prevent candida overgrowth in your body. Eventually, you will see a positive and solid change in your overall wellbeing.