5 Easy Ways To Open Your Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra

There are five recognized human senses, and vision is one of them. We use our two eyes to see the world. But those who practice and propagate metaphysics believe that there is a third, inner eye that can be used to observe the realms that are invisible to the normal eyes. This chakra, or energy center, is known as the third eye chakra and it rests at the midpoint between the two eyes on the forehead.1

There are many benefits to opening up the third eye chakra. Opening the third eye or the ajna chakra involves dedicated meditation and practice. Before we discuss the how, you need to know why you should open the third eye chakra.


Opening the third eye is considered a form of self-actualization, of being one with the universe. People who achieve this state are much more confident and develop several spiritual qualities that can help lead a more fulfilled life. What’s more? Since there is a sense of oneness with all that was, is, and will be, those who open their third eye can derive knowledge and wisdom from an entity that is greater than them.2 Sounds like a good enough deal, doesn’t it? Oprah Winfrey has always sworn by her instinct and the power of all the people who came before her. So, here are a few ways you can open your third eye chakra.

5 Practices That Open The Third Eye Chakra

1. Qigong Third Eye Meditation

This meditation pose helps to open the third eye chakra


Perhaps it is no surprise that the third eye is a very Asian concept, seeing as how this was the first seat of civilization. One recommended way to open the third eye is to use qigong meditation.

  • Lie down comfortably in Shavasana with your palms in a receiving position.O
  • pen your eyes and focus them first on the region of your third eye.
  • Then, roll them back into your head and look again at the point of the third eye on the forehead.
  • Close your eyes and continue looking. Imagine that the energy of the universe is flowing into your third eye.3

2. Trataka Meditation

Focus on one point


In Yoga, Trataka is the practice of focusing on an object by looking at it consistently.

  • Start by sitting in a comfortable position and stare at an object of choice for two minutes.
  • Increase this time gradually.

Open-eye meditation is not easy, and it takes time to master the concentration required to look at an object even for a few minutes.4 Apart from opening your third eye, this meditation also improves your focus and eyesight.


3. Candle Gazing

Staring or gazing at the candle flame

If, for any reason, meditation is not your cup of tea, try gazing at a candle.

  • Place a lit candle at a reasonable distance and gaze at it gently.
  • When your eyes begin to water, close them and continue to see the image of the candle in your mind’s eye.
  • Over time, you will be able to open your third eye to limitless possibilities.
  • Continue to breathe deeply throughout this practice.5

4. Stargazing

Staring at the open stars

This is a very easy and relaxing way to get into the habit of training the third eye.

  • Lay your mat under the starry sky and choose a brightly lit star to gaze at.
  • Continue to do so until your eyelids feel heavy.
  • Then, close your eyes and imagine that the knowledge of the universe is flowing to you through your third eye region.6

5. Creative Pursuits

Undertake different creative pursuits

Stillness can also be achieved in motion, and you can achieve the opening of your third eye by following a creative pursuit close to your heart.

  • Choose an activity that truly puts you in the zone.
  • As you begin the pursuit, make a conscious choice to let go of rational thinking.
  • Don’t bother with straight lines and calculated songs. Let your creative mind take over.
  • With time, you will be able to channel immense energy into yourself through this pursuit.

Activating the most important chakra in the body is a matter of focusing your energy inward to discover your true potential. A trained yoga guru can help you get started with meditative practice and help you stay consistent until you see the desired results.