Trying Hard To Lose Weight? 10 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Ways to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Be it getting started or sticking to the plan, exercise goals to lose weight need a lot of motivation. Often, the lack of it is one the primary reasons you aren’t able to get into shape. We share with you the tips that will help keep up your spirits and take a step towards fitness every day.

Ways To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight

1. Identify The Reason You Want To Lose Weight

Identify the reason you want to lose weight


Understanding the sole reason behind your intentions to lose weight is the first step. Stating them clearly, writing them down, and reading through them daily will help you stay motivated. They also act as a reminder when you drift from your plan and curl up in the bed lazily.

While following the plan because your doctor advised helps you lose weight, self-driven plans are proven to be more successful. They could be anything like fitting into your favorite pair of jeans or keeping heart diseases and diabetes at bay.


2. Set Achievable Goals

Set achievable targets to lose weight

A study was conducted on a group of women to monitor the time they would stick to their plan and goals. The results showed that women who had set unrealistic goals most likely dropped out of the program.1 Inability to achieve a small percentage of their big unrealistic goal was the main reason. The trick is to set smaller, achievable goals, which upon reaching, reassure that you are on the right track.


Moreover, losing 5–10% of your total body weight will have a significant positive impact on your body.

3. Choose A Proper Diet Plan

Follow a proper diet to lose weight


Diet plays a major role in your weight loss plan. Working out for hours followed by eating unhealthy food will take you nowhere. While reducing your calorie intake should be the first step, avoiding fad diets should be the second. Fad diets not only result in future weight-gain but also wreck your overall health.

Making simple changes to your regular diet is the key. It includes eating more of fruits and raw vegetables, complex carbs, reducing fried and oily food, and frequent meals with reduced portion size.


4. Focus On The Process More Than The Goal

Focus On The Process More Than The Goal

Though difficult, the overall process of weight loss is an enjoyable journey. Seeing your body gradually transform into what you wish for is a rewarding experience. A study showed that people who are more process-oriented than the actual outcome tend to stick on to the plan for a long term. Focusing only on the outcome could be demotivating when you don’t see a considerable difference in a short term.


5. Reward Yourself

Reward yourself when you achieve a small target

We all know that losing weight is no easy. After setting realistic goals and achieving them, make sure you celebrate this small success. This is yet another way to motivate yourself and look forward to the next milestone. Remember, not just the reduced number on the scales, but a small difference in your overall health is also worth celebrating.


By celebration, we mean pampering yourself with a spa, massage, or simply a night out with friends. Burgers and fries are still a no-no.

6. Maintain A Journal

Maintain a journal

Studies show that people who note down everything they eat, lose weight faster, and stick to their plan in a long run. This includes jotting down about even a piece of candy you eat. Mentioning how you felt after eating a certain food helps you identify the triggers and help you avoid them in future. Moreover, seeing the long list of junk in the journal might make you guilty, motivating you to abandon them.

7. Choose An Exercise You Think Is Fun

Choose the exercise you think is fun

Exercise need not be a boring routine which you do out of obligation. Make it fun by choosing any kind of physical activity you think is interesting. Be it swimming, gymming, yoga, sports, or aerobics. The overall idea is to stay active and this can be achieved through any of the forms. This needs you to explore various options in the beginning.

Get to know about your interests by trying both indoor and outdoor, single and group activities.

8. Be Gentle On Yourself

Be gentle on yourself

You easily lose motivation when you realize you have made a mistake. In this case, eating a tub of cheese popcorn could make you guilty and push you towards giving up on the ultimate goal. Remember, mistakes can be rectified, and a healthy salad for dinner is always a good option to compensate for. However, make sure you do not excuse yourself too many times either!

9. Plan Well For Parties And Holidays

Plan in advance for parties and holidays

You can’t stay away from parties and holidays owing to your weight loss plan. The best way to not miss out on the fun, yet stick to your goals is by planning well. If you are going to a dinner party, check out for the healthy options on the menu well before or choose to eat smaller portions. There will be spillages sometimes, cope with them by eating healthy for the next meal.

10. Learn To Appreciate Your Body

Learn to love and appreciate your body

Research indicates that people with low self-esteem or who dislike their bodies tend to fail at losing weight even after repeated efforts. Positive thinking and positive self-talk do help change this perception. When a person loves himself for the way he is, he usually does things that are fruitful and reaps benefits at a faster rate.

Social media has helped a lot of people share their success stories and stay motivated, apart from motivating others. Reaching out to like-minded people in this regard helps. In case you need a professional help to throw light on the diet and weight-loss psychology, do not hold back on reaching out to them.