Tired Of Dark Circles? Here Are 6 Ways To Manage Them

Dark circles under the eyes are considered a genetic affliction. However, frequent eye allergies, swelling of the eye and the orbit, reduced skin elasticity, and the presence of blood vessels close to the skin surface can also cause dark circles. This dark tint to the skin is quite hard to get rid of once it appears. Even if you have started a long-term treatment, it may be a while before results appear.

You can either try to conceal dark circles using makeup or try to get rid of them over time using alternative remedies, required nutrient intake, and conventional treatment options. To get you started, let’s take a look at both short-term and long-term solutions.1


How To Conceal Dark Circles

1. Concealers

Concealers and blend makeups work great for dark circles

Use more than one coat of concealer to get the right texture if your dark circles are prominent. Choose a yellow or peach-toned concealer as these colors blend well and cover up the blemish effectively. Use it to counterbalance the darkest portion of the dark circles.23


Using a soft brush, blend the concealer well with the foundation you use. Do not give yourself patchy eyes attempting to cover up the dark circles. Dab off the excess concealer with a cotton ball. Take a look at the result in different light settings to check if the concealer needs to be worked in more.4

2. Waterproof Makeup

Waterproof makeup ensures rain and tears do not ruin your makeup


When covering up something that is significantly visible such as dark circles, it is best to use waterproof makeup. This is a pretty obvious solution as it may start raining or your own tears could ruin everything. Waterproof makeup also protects your skin from potential sweating or oily skin as the makeup may have a different reaction to both factors.

How To Treat Dark Circles

1. Topical Creams Containing Caffeine

Topical caffeine creams are great for dark circles


Caffeine, which is known to enhance blood circulation, is one of the best remedies for dark circles. A topical cream containing caffeine can be used to treat dark circles with frequent application. By improving local blood circulation, caffeine reduces the hollowed-out appearance of the dark circles.5

2. Vitamin A Cream

Vitamin A creams are great, but should take it with doctors orders


A vitamin A cream can be used to treat dark circles if your doctor prescribes it. Due to lack of studies and unknown effects, these creams are not recommended if you’re pregnant or a new mother. In all other cases, creams and under-eye treatments containing vitamin A can be used to reduce the appearance and intensity of the dark circles.6

3. Herbal And Alternative Remedies

Herbal remedies include plant extracts or topical yeast cell treatment


Extracts of the hairy bergenia plant, commonly used in undereye creams, are known to effectively treat dark circles with no adverse side effects. However, when using herbal treatments, remember to not use strong compositions as the skin around the eyes is very sensitive.7

Topical treatments containing active yeast cells are also being tested as potential remedies for dark circles. As always, applying the active dry yeast you have at home is ineffective and can potentially be dangerous even. So, always use a cream that has been specifically created for dark circles.8


4. Other Treatment Options

Other treatment options include laser, medical tatoos, and surgery

Chemical peels, medical tattoos, and laser treatments are available to get rid of dark circles permanently. A cosmetologist can help you decide the right procedure for your specific needs. Invasive surgeries like a fat transfer from other parts of the body and the use of implants also provide lasting results. You have to decide on the course of treatment based on the option that suits you the best.9

Dark circles are mostly a cosmetic concern and they can be covered up with makeup quite easily. However, if you would like a more long-term solution, invasive and non-invasive procedures can help you get rid of dark circles for good.