6 Tips To Avoid Getting Worked Up At Work

Anxiety and stress at work have become a way of life in recent times. A lot of it is created by the lack of control on one’s thought processes. Many professionals suffer from migraines, indigestion, insomnia, hypertension and heart diseases as a result of internalized work-related stress.

Getting caught up in the vicious maze of meetings, deadlines, toxic relationships, fear of job security and sleep deprivation will eventually worsen your quality of life. Rather than succumbing to anxiety at work, it’s wise to look for strategies that can help you overcome it. Here are 6 ways to avoid anxiety from getting the better of you at work.


1. Make Meditation A Daily Ritual

Several scientific studies have proven that people who practiced relaxation techniques that involved meditation and yoga were less likely to get rattled by stress. Meditation helps you get centered on what matters and what doesn’t so that you can hold onto your calm amidst any storm at work or in life.1

2. Don’t Overpromise And Underdeliver

Be a person of your words at work and in life. If you have agreed to meet a deadline, don’t leave it unfulfilled. Not meeting expectations can land you in tacky situations with your higher-ups. The consequences of these situations can trigger more anxiety at work. Therefore, always promise within your limits and finish it within a given time frame so that your efforts are duly appreciated.2


3. Use Breaks To Relax And Rejuvenate

Staying at your desk for too long and skipping breaks is not going to improve your efficiency. In fact, use office breaks as a great time to get some fresh air, go for brisk walks, have a few laughs or just breathe and stretch. Smoking and binging on coffee are the commonly practiced activities during office breaks. These are not going to help you stay healthy in the long run too.

4. Plan Well And Prioritize Right

Successful people who balance both their personal and professional lives have excellent time management skills. Think clearly and plan your daily, weekly and monthly schedules well ahead. Working haphazardly leads to confusion which further delays your progress.


Set healthy boundaries for work and your personal commitments. Spending time with loved ones and doing your favorite things will actually make you feel more recharged at work. Proper time management will give you the opportunity to make space for everything in life.

5. Avoid Toxic Foods And People

From the foods you eat to the people you interact with on a daily basis can set the tone for your overall well-being at work. As far as your diet is concerned, you should stay clear of any food that can increase the levels of adrenaline and cortisol in your body. These include high-glycemic or processed foods and caffeinated beverages which can aggravate stress.


Instead, you can have nutrient-dense foods like nuts, seeds, whole grains, salmon, fruits, and veggies to increase the release of mood-enhancing endorphins. When it comes to the people in your life, make sure that you don’t leave for work in a grumpy mood as that itself can weigh you down the entire day.

At work, avoid conversing with colleagues who are constant cribbers and gossip mongers. These interactions will add to your anxiety, hence it’s best to ward off anything that’s not healthy for both your body and mind.3


6. Practice Compassion With Yourself And Others

If your pangs of anxiety are triggered by negative feedback about work from your boss, clients or colleagues, you need to practice compassion and mindfulness. Learn to accept both critics and wellwishers warmly without taking any of their opinions personally.

Take criticism as a way to improve the quality of your work. Be kind to yourself and don’t make any hasty decisions when you are stressed out. Try placing yourself in the shoes of whoever is bothering you and think like them for a while. This shift in perspective will help you see things in a whole new light and help you grow some thick skin in the process.


Most of the time, anxiety is a self-made issue. believe in yourself and your capabilities and don’t let insecurities overwhelm you in the face of an adversity at work. Shift your attention to something more relaxing every time your mind goes into an overthinking mode. Gaining control over anxiety will not only make you a reliable person at work but also in your personal life. Ultimately, the way you look at something is what makes it a lesson or a problem!