6 Ways To Make Yourself Work Out Early In The Morning

ways to make yourself workout in the morning

Do you wake up every morning, and snooze the alarm only to tell yourself that you will surely work out tomorrow? You certainly face this if you’re not a morning person. It can be hard to wake up early, especially in winter. But in the long run, if you follow a strict workout schedule, you will see remarkable results.

Postponing your workout every day may make guilty during the day, but until you do something about it, this cycle will just continue.

Ways To Make Yourself Work Out Early In The Morning

Making a few changes can help you wake up right in time, and keep you energized and healthy. Here is a list of 6 things you must consider to ensure that you work out early in the morning:

1. Go To Bed Early

sleep early to wake up early morning

Getting enough sleep is essential for your health. Sleeping for 8 hours will not only benefit your overall health and functioning but will also fuel

your body for the workout session. A well-rested body and mind can keep you going throughout the day.

If you wish to wake up early in the morning, ensure that you sleep early. Count backward to make sure that you get 8 hours sleep during the night.

2. Sleep In Your Workout Clothes

sleep In workout clothes to prevent missing workout

Save as much time as possible during the morning by keeping your workout gear ready in the night. Searching for all the things in the morning is unwanted trouble that could stop you from moving out of your bed.

Also, sleeping in your workout clothes will make it easier for you to get up and get going, without wasting much time changing, and also rule out any reason for excuses.

3. Plan Your Workout

set a goal and plan the workout

Planning what workout you exactly want to do

will give you a fair idea of what you need to look forward to. Going for a workout session clueless is as good as working on something without a goal. Set a time for the workout and how long you want to workout. This will also help you plan your day better.

Furthermore, you can make a workout friend or date. You certainly don’t want to leave your friend alone. Knowing that someone is waiting for you, reduces the chances of you sleeping in or missing the workout session. Offer to pick them up, making it your responsibility to wake up on time.

4. Keep Your Alarm Clock Away From The Bed

to avoid snoozing keep alarm away from the bed

Snoozing the alarm every morning is very tempting. And if you do so, you are certainly missing your workout sessions every now and then.

Set an alarm, and keep it away from the bed. This way, you will have to get out of your bed

to turn it off, or even to snooze it. It will help you jump out of bed, instead of lying in the bed and snoozing the alarm repeatedly and wasting time. However, ensure that once you are out of your bed, don’t go back to getting cozy in your bed. Instead, prepare to eat something and head out.

5. Don’t Give Yourself Choices

don’t give yourself choices or excuses

Negotiating with yourself in the morning just to get a few more hours of sleep will take you nothing close to your goal. To get positive results out of the workout, don’t make excuses or give yourself choices to work out another day.

Before you sleep, make up your mind to wake up and hit the gym no matter how sleepy you feel. It takes times to get into the routine but making excuses will just extend your period of getting used to this schedule of waking up early. If it is still difficult, think about

how things can change for good if you wake up today and exercise. Have a pep talk to encourage and motivate yourself.

6. Reward Yourself

use rewards to motivate yourself

Using rewards as a motivator is effective. Reward yourself with whatever makes you happy every time you reach your goal or every week or month. Buy yourself some clothes, or enjoy an exotic meal after every step, to make you work harder and keep you from making excuses to hit the gym.

This technique will bring some excitement and drive you to get out of your bed, and exercise.