11 Ways To Make Yourself Barf

The only good reason to induce vomiting should be when your body needs to rid itself of something unwanted that you have managed to ingest. Trying to induce vomiting to lose weight is a very bad idea and doing it frequently could lead to serious medical conditions like esophageal tear, burning of the throat and mouth or even aspiration. Also, it is important to drink enough water to keep your body hydrated after you vomit. And if you continue to feel sick or weak after resuming your normal eating routine, you may need to visit your doctor. Let’s now take a look at 11 effective ways to make yourself vomit.

1. Use Your Finger

This is one of the most commonly used methods to bring yourself to throw up. It simply involves sticking your finger into your mouth and pushing it to the back of your throat, till the time your gag reflex kicks in. If not successful the first time, repeat this until you throw up.

2. Drink A Soda

This fizzy drink is a very effective way to induce vomiting. Drinking it flat (without the bubbles) and alternating it with water can cause discomfort in your stomach and induce vomiting. This works really well if you have food poisoning.

3. Drink Warm Salt-Water

This is a very effective way to get rid of the contents of your stomach. To induce vomiting using this method, drink a glass of warm water, mixed with 2-3 teaspoons of salt, very quickly. You will need to wait for 20-30 minutes before you actually begin vomiting. The excessive sodium chloride induces the vomiting when it reaches the stomach.

4. Drink Mustard Solution

This is yet another great way of making yourself throw up. Just mix a tablespoon of mustard in a glass of warm water and drink the solution quickly. It has a very unpleasant taste that induces vomiting. Like the salt water remedy, this also takes 20-30 minutes for the vomiting to start.

5. Try Medicines That Induce Vomiting

There are some medicines that can help you vomit. These drugs cause abdominal discomfort and make you nauseous. They also cause the stomach to contract, helping you throw up the contents of your stomach. But like all drugs, these come with some side effects which you may or may not experience. These could range from dizziness and feeling light-headed to shortness of breath and low blood pressure and hence need to be used with caution.

6. Watch Someone Else Vomiting

This is another simple way of getting yourself to barf. When we watch someone else vomiting, our body triggers a similar response. You can download videos of people throwing up off the internet and watch those videos until you get nauseous yourself.

7. Overeat

Overeating causes the stomach to overextend and by filling your stomach beyond its capacity you can prompt it to force the excess food out by triggering vomiting. You will need to be careful though, about the food that you eat for this. Eating excessive junk food can cause indigestion and give you a stomachache. Use healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits to induce vomiting by this method.

8. Gargle With Egg Whites

Most people dislike the taste of raw eggs and that makes this a very effective method to induce vomiting. Beat the whites of 2-3 eggs in a cup and gargle with it, until your gag reflex sets in. Repeat the gargle till the time you vomit.

9. Expose Yourself To Unpleasant Smells And Sights

More often than not, the human brain reacts to unpleasant smells and sights by causing nausea. Prolonged exposure to such sensory stimuli is sure to cause you to vomit. You can even hasten the process a bit by sticking your finger into your mouth.

10. Use A Toothbrush

If you find using your finger to vomit a bit disgusting, then you can use this better alternative. Just wet the bristles of your toothbrush and rub it on the back of your tongue until your gag reflex kicks in and you throw up.

11. Just Think About It

For most people, focusing their thoughts on something disgusting gets them ready to puke. These may include thinking of the worst thing you ate, or the taste of a dreadful medicine that you had to swallow.