3 Ways To Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous If You Have Gray Hair

Using simple tricks, you can look fabulous even with gray hair

Worried about gray hair? Do not fret anymore. Even with your gray hair, you can look stunning. In fact, it has been found that people find women with well-maintained gray hair quite sexy and the same goes for men as well. Although many of us admire gray hair on others, we are often apprehensive to try it on ourselves. Many of us are of the opinion that gray hair won’t work well with their eye color or skin tone. Irrespective of these preconceived notions, you can actually look fabulous with gray hair. Read on to find out how.

All you need to do to look gorgeous with gray hair is to style it well, keep them polished, and wear clothes and makeup that would flatter your hair.

1. Dye It All Gray

To make your transition to gray hair a smooth one, take help from a stylist.

When you make a transition to an all-gray head, you might feel quite awkward in the beginning. To make this transition a smooth one, take help from a stylist. You may be advised to dye all the roots with a semi-permanent dye that contains ammonia-free color and covers up to 75% of the gray hair. Before revealing the new look, you can just let the dye wash out. This would take up to almost 28 shampoo washes.

2. Polish Your Mane

Gray strands usually get drier than pigmented hair, so they often tend to get frizzy and look dull. To help yourself through this situation, a few tricks can make your hair look shiny, chic, and smoother than ever before.

Using the right shampoo is very important. If you use blue-hued shampoos and conditioners, limit it to only once or twice a month so that your hair does not take a violet cast. Gray hair also tends to take a yellowish tinge and to prevent this from happening, lathering it with a silver-specific shampoo a couple of times every month can help you counter the yellow cast.

Get sharp, edgy haircuts. A modern haircut with clean edges can make you look smart any day. Just make sure that your stylist doesn’t use a razor as it may cause the ends to fray and make you look untidy as well. Trimming your hair every six to eight weeks is important as well, so that your hair doesn’t look unruly.

Along with a good look, perfect protection for your assets is a mandatory trick to maintain your hair. Save your mane from UV radiation and environmental pollutants by washing it every day with a hydrating shampoo to prevent buildup. Remember to condition it well with a conditioner containing antioxidants to prevent any damage. Also, lighten up your hair by avoiding oily serums, heavy pomades, etc. and instead, use a light serum spray to keep it soft and healthy.

3. Flatter Your Hair

What can you do to flatter your gray hair? When you know what to wear, your confidence builds up automatically. So, always wear the right makeup and compliment your hair with the perfect clothes. Wearing silver and charcoal shades can easily make your gray hair look stunning. It is not necessary that you need to restrict yourself to only shades of black, white, and gray, you can also wear jewel tones such as deep sapphires, ruby red, and purple tones. However, try to avoid beige and olive clothing as it can make your hair look washed out.

For makeup, get yourself started with a blush of peach, rose, or apricot rather than beige or tawny colors. This is because tawny colors can make your skin tone look muddy, but a rosy glow can make you look youthful.

With these simple and easy tricks, you will surely look like a senior fashionista in gray!