5 Ways To Let Go Of A Broken Relationship Lovingly

Many people come into our lives and among them, some stay and some leave. People who leave would always leave us with certain things; sometimes that can be memories and sometimes that can be lessons. In our lives, we put in a lot of efforts to sustain many relationships. But some relationships aren’t meant to be sustained. So, we must learn to let go of them. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is not easy to let go of someone whom we love. The perception of pain would always stop us from letting go. That is why some people remain damaged for years after a breakup because letting go can be hard. But there are healthy ways of breaking up and channelizing one’s pain. Here is a list of things that you can do to lovingly let go of your broken relationship.

1. Clarity In Communication

If you are not in a happy space and have decided to go through a breakup, then it is important that you remain clear and calm about it. Communication is very important in this case, but it is equally important to do this with love. But before you communicate this with your partner, you need to be completely sure about your reasons.

Look at all possible angles why this relationship is not working for you and why you can’t be in it anymore. And after this you must acknowledge the part you played in ending this relationship and also look for gratitude in your heart for all the wonderful things that your partner has done. So, you must analyze the good and the bad before you communicate it to your partner. Breakups are difficult for everyone involved. That is why it needs to be done clearly and lovingly.

2. Forgiveness Can Make It A Little Easier

The decision to end a relationship is a hard pill to swallow. So, you must practice forgiveness while going through this. You must forgive yourself and you must forgive your partner. Forgiveness is important as it will help you to let go of your pain. And this will help you to heal faster and move forward in life.

Your relationship gave you many things; some are good and some are bad. Acknowledge it all. Accept that even though it ended, it taught you many good things. Keep the good and let go of the bad. Hence, you must forgive.

3. Acknowledge Your Pain

You must mourn a loss because otherwise you will never get over it. Losing a relationship is a sad event that happened. So, you must acknowledge that and grieve. People who breakup often skip this step. But you must understand that it was an important part of your life. You are losing someone you love, the companionship of that person and the future that would never take place now. So, you must grieve all the good things that you are losing in this process. You must let it all out. If you don’t fully express the sadness you are feeling inside, you will not be able to let go of it.

4. Find Yourself Again

You will have a lot of free time now. So, you must make use of this time to find a connection back to yourself. Discover yourself again. Do things that make you happy. Take up a new hobby and acquire a new skill. Use this time as productively as you can. Be honest about your feelings and try to have a good time with yourself. You will feel more connected to yourself.

5. You Must Learn The Lessons

You can use this time to do some soul-searching. This relationship and its end must have taught you a lot of things. So, you must sit back and look for those hidden lessons that you didn’t have the time to learn until now. And now, you must learn them and practice it in your life.

Ending a relationship can be soul-shattering. But it is up to you how you want to handle it. You can hold on to it painfully, or you can grow by letting go of it lovingly. The choice lies with you.