6 Ways To Get Your Baby To Drop Into Pelvis

Pregnancy journey is all about mysteries. Right from the physical discomforts to the potential problems that can arise, or the intimate relations between spouses each pregnant woman is totally different. If one glows right from the first day of pregnancy, another one will look totally the opposite. So just embrace the change in your body during pregnancy and get ready for the D day. When your body is ready for labor, ‘lightening’ or the settling of the baby into your pelvis happen.

This can happen anywhere before a few weeks before the delivery date to the actual time of the labor. Not everyone goes through labor the same way. The baby in the womb gets ready by moving downwards into the pelvis when the uterus expands. There are many things a pregnant woman can do which encourage the dropping of the baby into the pelvis.

6 Ways To Get Your Baby To Drop

1. Squatting

Practicing squats during pregnancy can help widen the opening of the pelvis. It strengthens the legs and hips. Use the wall as support and balance yourself. Squats are the most

effective exercises to build your lower body strength. Incorporating weekly exercise routine will help open your pelvis during delivery and labor. Try scrubbing the floor to get your baby into position. When you sit on all fours, the head of your baby swings to the front side of your belly. Consulting your doctor or personal trainer is very important before you start with any exercise. Go slow on exercises if you have never done any exercises before.

2. Walking

Walking is a very simple and easiest way to help bring your baby into the pelvis. Walking at a comfortable pace puts your baby’s weight over the cervix which also helps in cervical dilation during labor. Walking in the last trimester helps ease the joints and relaxes the muscles. The pelvis joint loosens and the baby gets into position before labor. Start with ten-minute walk and increase the time gradually.

3. Focus On Baby’s Weight

Never sit cross-legged. Always sit by spreading the knees in a wide position and bending forward which allows your belly to dangle down. When you focus the baby’s weight on

the cervix, the dilation of your cervix also becomes easier.

4. Apply Evening Primrose Oil

Applying evening primrose oil from 35 weeks of pregnancy helps soften the cervix. This oil contains a natural gel – prostaglandin which is usually inserted during medical induction of labor. When the cervix gets softened, dilation becomes easier. The oil can also be ingested instead of placing a capsule before going to bed. As studies indicate that there is a range of side effects attempt the oral method only after consulting doctor or your health care provider.

5. Birthing Ball

Use birthing balls only during the last few weeks of pregnancy. This helps your baby to settle well into the pelvis, decrease the pressure, and increase the blood flow. Using birthing balls also helps in bringing the baby to the right position for delivery.

6. Practice Pelvic Tilts

Practicing pelvic tilts throughout pregnancy is a gentle way to encourage your baby to drop. The muscles in the lower back stretch, strengthen, and ease. If you have any nausea or indigestion issues, pelvic tilts help relieve.


Consult the doctor before beginning any exercise or

remedies as these methods which help your baby drop might also induce labor.

Having spicy food or using castor oil may upset the stomach. Unless and until your baby is actually ready to drop, any remedy wouldn’t make a big difference.

Use a cushion to lift the bottom while sitting in the car. Knees up position is always recommended.

If you have a job that requires long-sitting hours, get up and walk frequently and have breaks to help blood flow normally.