7 Ways To Help You Build Bigger Triceps

Ideally, during a triceps workout the goal is usually to stimulate the triceps to the maximum, thereby inducing growth. The factors involved in “maximum stimulation” include intensity, volume, recovery, and your technique.

What is most important is how close you stand to the pulley, the angle involved, hand position, weights used, and the number of reps. Not just the exercise alone, but how you do it, how much you do it, and also how often you do it is responsible for building those triceps. Having said this let’s look into some of the technique cues that will help you to reap maximum results to the triceps.1


1. Inefficient Exercise Order

Exercise can be changed to become more efficient at the workout

No exercise order is incorrect, but some might be less efficient. Changing the order of your workout or even the number of repetitions can shock your triceps and at times you may pre-exhaust the muscles by doing so. Begin your workout with exercises in which you can overload your triceps with the greatest resistance. Do those first in your routine because that’s when you’re the strongest. You might tire as time progresses.


2. Improper Form

Improper form should be avoided when working out triceps

To focus the exercise on your triceps, you need to keep your elbows locked in place. The moment you start moving your elbows forward, backward or outward, you shift the focus onto your shoulders. Doing so allows you to use more weight or crank out more reps. You will make it easier on your triceps when you should be making it harder.2


3. Over-Training

Triceps are easy to over-train as it takes more stress than other muscles

Triceps are the most prone to over-training. Try to rest a minimum of 48 hours and ideally at least 72 hours between training chest or shoulders and training triceps. Schedule your workout accordingly.3


4. Push-Down Properly

Push downs should performed to overload the muscles

During a triceps push-down, the cable indicates the direction of resistance. The forearm, acting as the lever that is worked upon by the triceps would cause the triceps to encounter maximum resistance when it is perpendicular to the cable. The trick is to push with the heel of your palms and not your fingers to increase the overload.4


5. Cable Press-Downs

|Press downs should be done by pushing with the heel of your palms

No triceps program would be complete without the press down. The ability to apply some serious weight to your triceps. The close-grip bench press is an excellent compound mass builder. Since it is a multi-joint move, the benefits are two-fold. A trick you may want to try is to imagine pressing the weight in an arch toward the wall behind you instead of straight down. This movement will ensure you will not use too much weight. Also, try different grip attachments. As you use more weight, the muscles adapt to the added stress and become stronger.5


6. Dumbbell And Cable Overhead Extensions

Dumbbell extensions provide best stretch to the muscle

Dumbbell and cable overhead extensions will give your triceps a growth-inducing stretch. Using a dumbbell or rope attachment may prove more comfortable for your elbows as they position the wrists and forearms in a more natural angle. The correct position is vital. A quick tip is to set the cable pulley at about waist level to make it easier to get into that desired position. This action will make it much less stressful on your back, shoulder, and other joints when you start and end the exercise.6


7. Body Weight And Weighted Dips

Dips are a mass builder being a compound movement

Dips are an invaluable tool in the pursuit of bigger triceps. Not only are they effective in packing on the mass, but they also allow you to use a higher amount of resistance due to being a compound, multi-joint movement. If you are in the advanced level then you can put on a dip belt and add weight plates to it, making the movement much more challenging.

Make sure you do the exercises under proper guidance, with the right number of repetitions, resistance, weights, and willpower. You will surely see results.