6 Ways To Get Out Of The Dreaded ‘Friend Zone’

When you are friend-zoned, you should learn to get out of it

Men finding themselves ‘friend zoned’ is a common occurrence these days. There can be two situations where a man is friend zoned. The first scenario could be ruthless, and the second scenario could have a faint ray of hope left. Let’s look closer at this much-debated phenomenon.

First Scenario: The Girl Is Just Not Interested

When a girl is not at all interested in you, there is no point trying.

If you are a man reading this, you should know that people have their own preferences. You too have your own preferences for the people you would like to date. It might hurt you to hear that although you could be the best person she could date, the girl you have in your mind is just not interested to date you. She might want something else from her man, and in her eyes, you don’t have that. You might be the best of friends, very nice to each other, and just perfect for each other, but she might just not find you attractive enough. The worst possibility of her friend-zoning you could be just that she is flirting with you and enjoying the male attention. She is just flattered by your approach, responding flirtatiously but simply not interested to take the relationship to another level.

In all these cases, you feel like you can’t do anything at all. You feel hopeless, and she seems ruthless. You will just need to stop thinking about her and focus elsewhere in life, be it career, family, other women, or just you.

Second Scenario: You Did Something Wrong, Which Eliminated All Possibilities

 Try to change her mind if a woman friend-zones you because you did something wrong.

The second scenario does not make you feel completely hopeless. It is possible to change people’s minds, and if she started to think of you as just a friend because you did something wrong, you can always find out ways to make amends.

In such situations, follow 6 easy steps to win her heart:

1. Accept The Situation Calmly

 Focus on yourself and try to become a better person.

Keep your cool and behave well. If you beg her to give you a second chance, she never will. She believes that she made a conscious decision by staying just friends with you. So, you need to go with the flow of her illogical and irrational side and still stay rational yourself. To make this happen, you need to focus on yourself more than you focus on her. In this way, you will understand how to make yourself a better person in her eyes too.

2. Improve Yourself In All Ways

 Start building up on self-confidence by looking your best and being interesting.

The secret is that women find confident men attractive. This does not mean that you should be overconfident. Bring self-confidence by making yourself feel better. Keep a healthy diet and start working out to look your best. However, do not become superficial about things. You must be intellectually interesting and also, feel confident. Once she notices your self-confidence, it won’t be too hard to win her.

3. Run Regular Errands And Spend Good Time Together

pend time together doing regular and friendly things such as shopping.

It shouldn’t always be about witnessing sunsets, enjoying candlelit dinners, and going for concerts. It could be just doing regular work together. You both can just do “friendly” things together. Give her a call if you are going to buy clothes. She will surely be happy to help you, and you can accidentally show her your finely worked out body. Leave some space for physical contact that makes her think about it, and make her aware of your sexuality in a seemingly unconscious and polite manner.

4. Hang Out With Other Friends

 Hang out with other women sometimes to make her feel jealous.

Jealousy is not a good thing, but a little bit of it can put fuel to the fire of desire. A wee bit of jealousy keeps a relationship interesting, so start flirting with other women rarely. This will make her think that you are not all hers yet. Even if you have revealed your feelings already, you should try to attract other women as well. This will make you valuable in her eyes. Also, the more women you meet, the more you will get better at flirting and start understanding how to go about the whole routine.

5. Flirt In The ‘Right’ Manner

 Compliment safely so that she doesn't feel awkward.

Sexual attraction is important in such situations. However, flirting sensually is not always right. If you are flirting, choose safe subjects. Tease her by giving safe and crisp compliments. Women love their hair, so you may just compliment her on a good hair day. The perfume she wears is something she has liked and bought for herself, so a compliment about the sweet smell is not only safe but also, a little bit sensual. She will like it surely. Always remember not to discuss about her age or weight; these topics are quite sensitive for most women.

6. Play It Sensual Sensibly

You should never touch her awkwardly without her permission, although you are close to her. However, touching her carelessly and casually sometimes would make the relationship a little sensual and make her think about it. Just hold her hand when you cross the road or touch her arm casually. Remember to observe how she responds. Play it cool and in moderation; she might just flirt with you herself. Observe thoroughly because if she is interested, she will give you hints to come close to her. Once you know when the time is right, make the right move, and ask her out on a date.

If none of these tricks work out, which will happen only if she is completely disinterested in you and has moved on herself, leverage the friendship. Accept your situation and move on with something interesting in life, be it another woman or your career. Remain friends with her, or if it gets too difficult, make peace and remain acquaintances.