5 Ways To Defeat Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are not some supernatural and mythical beings that are out there to get us, but rather they are living people who happen to be existing around us. Energy vampires are people who survive by drawing energies out of others. These people feed off others’ energies because they don’t have sufficient energies in them to survive. These people are generally always low on motivation and energies, and they always expect others to lift their spirits up. They manipulate people into helping them and end up extracting all their energies instead. They lack self-sustaining systems to carry on with their lives and problems which is why they depend on others heavily to do that job. Happy souls give out good vibrations but unfortunately, they can sometimes attract negative people who are low on personal vibrations. It is not always easy to get rid of these people. But there are things we can do to overcome the effects of energy vampires to restore our zen.

1. Meditate Every Day

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Practicing meditation comes with a gamut of benefits. It teaches us to have self-control and how to block out negative vibrations. Meditation allows us to dig deep within ourselves and restore our energies by taking it from the universe around us. It helps us to keep our vibrations high and stable. This is a great way to protect ourselves from energy vampires as mediation makes us stronger from within which doesn’t allow external vibrations to affect our internal vibrations. Mediation can literally change the shape of our brains and help us to deal with our existent reality in a better way.

2. Spread Your Smile

Smiling is a powerful physical act that can change the vibrations around us. Smiling allows us to share positive energies with others. This simple physical act can make your vibrations stronger while throwing your energy vampires off their games. These vampires dwell in their negatives spaces with low energies and often feel threatened

by others with high vibrations out of jealousy or other negative emotions. So, positive vibrations is the only way of combating the effects of their negative vibrations. So, smile at them when they least expect it to safeguard your energies and vibrations.

3. Try Your Best To Help Them

There are times when people lose their vibrations because of their bad times and end up losing their paths. So, you can try your best to help them and get them back on the right path. You can invest your energies in bringing them back. You can help them to restore their vibrations if they are feeling disoriented in life. But, it is important that you know when to stop.

4. Avoid Contact With Them

We often feel responsible for people whom we know. But sometimes, some of those people we know are not very good for

our well being. Hence, we need to avoid them. You can try your best to change their vibrations but when it doesn’t work, you need to stop. Sometimes, these energy vampires are aware of their vices and they willfully try to bring you down. So, you have to take a hard decision of stepping back. You have to realize you cannot fix their problems. They need to take the responsibility of their lives at some point and stop relying on others to fix their problems for them. These people are often very selfish and they feel entitled to expect others’ niceness. So, you need to steer clear of them.

5. Maintain Clarity Of Mind

It is important to see through people’s intentions for us to be able to maintain clarity of our minds. So, cleanse your aura often to see through the fog of self-doubt and uncertainty that comes with dealing with energy vampires. Maintain a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle to keep

your health and mind upbeat. Invest your time in rejuvenating yourself and your vibrations. And don’t feel bad for people who don’t deserve your goodness.

We are responsible for our lives and happiness. Sometimes, energy vampires feel entitled to borrow from your vibrations to compensate for what they lack. So, avoid that from happening and lead a life full of happiness and good vibrations.