How To Change Your Life When Feeling Hopeless And Stuck

You have come this far. You want to know some ways to change your life when you feel stuck and hopeless. That is half the job done. To complete the other half, follow these simple steps.

1. Start By Confronting Your Fears

Confront your fears


Many times we find ourselves in a stalemate because of some underlying fear of going ahead. We know in what direction we must move, but the fear keeps us from doing so. It could be a fear of failure, performance, people, the unknown, or one of many phobias. The only solution is to face that fear. Facing the fear is not going to be any worse than the position you are already in. So take the plunge and see with wonder what happens next.

2. Write Constantly

Write more


One of the most powerful ways to change your life when you feel stuck and hopeless is to keep writing in your diary. Write down the thoughts that come to your mind, the feelings you get in various situations, and the problems you are stuck in. You will find that a type of wisdom lights up in your brain when you keep writing… just keep writing reams and reams of paper about whatever comes to your mind. A path will definitely become visible.

3. Read A Book

Read a book


Pick up the book you have always wanted to read but put off for later. Or, choose from the treasures available online and in stores. To avoid the starts-but-never-finishes syndrome, pick a small book rather than a regular-sized one. Books trigger the brain and make you think of great ideas. They inspire you and open you up to new possibilities.

4. Break Your Bad Habits

Break your bad habits


Bad habits muddle your mind and make you go down the same line like a train on tracks. If you want to find a new path, you will have to stop doing the same old things. Habits like excessive drinking, smoking, binge-eating a favorite food, and indulging in too much passive entertainment on TV 0r the Internet must go. Replace your bad habits with good habits that activate your brain.

5. Exercise More

Exercise more


This one never fails. Exercise gives you a purpose, a fighting spirit. It summons your deepest reserves of energy and puts them into action, releases feel-good hormones called endorphins in the brain, lifts your mood, and opens up blockages in your thought process. Exercise enables you to bulldoze your way through problems. The benefits of exercise are innumerable and can never be underestimated. Make sure to include both aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your workout.

6. Pursue Your Neglected Hobby

Pursue a neglected hobby


For once, listen to your heart. Stop doing routine things and give more time to developing your hobby. Immerse yourself in becoming an expert at your hobby. Don’t focus solely on monetary benefits… just try and enjoy yourself. Your mind will open up and show you the way forward.

7. Find A Role Model

Find a role model


Find a hero and get to know more about him/her. Read biographies of great people who have walked this earth. Instead of fawning over movie stars, get inspired by real-life heroes who have impacted the lives of many. There are and have been plenty of them that you can emulate.

8. Pray

Start to pray more

Fall on your knees and make a heartfelt prayer to God (or any higher power you believe in) to show you the way. Tell Him your troubles and ask Him to guide you. Listen to the signals.

9. Summon The Will To Change

Summon the willpower to change

We mostly know what to do but lack the will to do it. We like to make excuses. We like to blame others. Stop rationalizing your situation and force yourself to change. Summoning up the will to change is one of the most powerful ways to change your life when you feel stuck and hopeless.

10. Find The Root Cause

Try to find the root cause

If none of the above techniques work for you, the reason is most definitely spiritual in nature. Unknown to mankind, up to 80 percent of the difficulties in life are due to spiritual factors.