7 Ways To Avoid Low Sperm Count

Ways To Avoid Low Sperm Count

The percentage of people having fertility issues have drastically increased over the years. And in 40-50% of the cases, it’s related to “male factor” infertility. In this, about 2% is caused by low quality of sperms.1 Here’s what you need to follow to avoid low sperm count and increase the quality of your sperm.

1. Excercise Regularly

Outdoor workout and weightlifting can increase sperm count


Want to increase your sperm count? Get moving! Exercise needs to be part of your daily life. One study revealed men who exercised outdoors had a 45% increase in sperm concentration compared to men who did moderate-intensity exercises. Weightlifting bought an increase of 25%. It also revealed men who cycled had a 34% dip in their sperm concentration compared to men who didn’t cycle.2 The American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends 5 days of exercise for 45 minutes.

2. Take Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements can increase sperm count


It goes without saying, your diet should be centered on fruits and veggies. Men need to focus on increasing vitamin C and zinc. One study proved taking 1000 mg of vitamin C daily increased sperm concentration and mobility.3In another study, taking zinc supplements have increased sperm counts and testosterone levels as well.4 Other supplements that could prove useful to your sperms are selenium, vitamins D and E, and coenzyme Q10. If you are considering taking supplements, find out what’s the best option from a doctor.

3. Maintain A Healthy Weight

A Healthy Weight can increase sperm count


The doctor’s advice to increase sperm count? Get into a healthy weight range. If you are overweight or obese, it can decrease sperm count and mobility. One study proved weight loss can significantly increase semen volume, its concentration, and its mobility.5 But lose weight at a healthy pace.

4. Quit Smoking

Smoking decreases sperm count and quality


Smoking is one of the main culprits behind low sperm counts and erectile dysfunction. It significantly decreases sperm’s abilities to fight off free radicals and this damages the sperm’s DNA, resulting in lower sperm counts and mobility. Quit smoking as early as you can.

5. Switch To Cotton Boxers

Cotton boxers can increase sperm count


Want an easy tip to increase sperm count? Invest in a few loose cotton boxers. This allows more breathing room and keeps the temperature down there much cooler – perfect for sperm health. Wearing tight briefs have been linked to male fertility issues.

6. Declutter Your Environment

Limit the exposure to toxins to avoid low sperm count


Toxins in your environment can deplete your sperm count and raise fertility issues. In fact, the drastic decrease of the quality of sperm over the years has been linked to exposure to toxins. Limit your exposure to solvents, paint strippers, plastics, pesticides, and industrial pollutants. Eat organic food and avoid plastic as much as you can.

7. Keep A Tab On Your Stress

Manage stress to avoid low sperm count


Stress can cause a lot of havoc in your body. Multiple studies have linked high levels of stress and low quality of sperm.6Stress can cause misshapen sperms and impair motility. So, if you want to get your partner pregnant, manage your stress levels.