6 Ways To Achieve Spiritual Wellness After 40

As I grow older I find myself striving to connect more the divine within, digging deep to connect with the reason God placed me in this body and this life.

I know sounds deep, but for me at this stage of my life I find I want to spend sometime discovering who I truly am or want to be.


“Spiritual wellness” for me is seeking the true meaning of life and what my role is in this life. Simply put spiritual wellness is taking the time to learn how to connect with yourself, nature, and ultimately your destiny.

Here are the 6 keys to spiritual wellness that I strive for in order to stay spiritually well. I do not have all of them down yet…but I am a work in progress!!


6 Keys To Spiritual Wellness For Active Aging

1. Ponder, Pray, And Meditate

At this stage of my life I find myself spending more quiet time listening to that inner voice that leads, guides, and directs me to my ultimate good.

Take five minutes a day and just be quiet. Pray if that is what feels right to you, perhaps mediate on an affirmation or one word, or perhaps just sit quietly and let that inner voice speak to you.


Whatever you do it is very important to your spiritual health and your physical health to take the time to be quite five minutes a day.

2. Learn To Love Yourself

It may sound cliche, but learning to truly love yourself as you are right now in this moment in time is key to your spiritual wellness.


You were created for a wonderful purpose and within lies gifts, talents, and abilities that you were meant to use that will bring you and others joy.

Knowing that knowledge alone is enough to embark on a journey of self love.


3. Read Inspirational Quotes And Scripture

I love starting my day reading positive, inspirational quotes, affirmations and scriptures. It truly helps me to set my mind on those things that are positive and takes my focus away from the negative.

If you want to be healthy on the outside one of the first steps is to work on being healthy on the inside.


Keeping your mind focused on those things that are positive is an effective way to get and stay spiritually well.

4. Practice Gratitude

I have learned a valuable lesson about gratitude. I have found when I focus on what I am grateful for what I focus on begins to change. I no longer focus on what is wrong (no I am not in denial!) instead I choose to focus on what is right.


As a result I find that each day those things I am grateful for begin to increase! It is truly remarkable. Gratitude journaling is one way to focus on those things for which you are grateful.

Try writing down three things you are grateful everyday. You will find that the list will grow over time and your spiritual wellness will increase as well.

5. Connect With Nature

Pay more attention to the nature around you. All living things are connected and realizing that is the first step to connecting with nature.

Nature can help your spiritual and physical health. As you spend time in nature you will feel revitalized and energized. You will feel a spiritual renewal.

The ability to release stress is much easier when you connect with nature. Connecting with nature is essential to your spiritual wellness.

6. Find Out What Is Your Life’s Purpose

You were created for a purpose. You were placed here on this earth to not only to learn, but also to give.

There is a reason why you are here. Part of being spiritually well is embarking on that quest to find out why you are here and to dig deep for the answer.

If your life is lacking in purpose, joy, and passion it is important that you take the time to find out what you truly want to do and then …do it!