10 Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

prepare-for-next-day:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

As a new mom, it is challenging to resume working post pregnancy. Even if it is not your first child, managing home, and work always makes you wonder if you can really do justice to both the roles – being a good mother and a diligent employee. Although it may seem difficult to juggle between the two lives – one at home and one outside, you can tactfully strike a balance between the two. Here are 10 ways to change your everyday routines that will help you manage your life better.

1. Get Over The Guilt

get-over-the-guilt:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family


At some point after going back at work, an indelible guilt of neglecting your baby keeps hovering over your head. Rather than worrying, think about how your job is benefitting your family. Your savings can assist you in letting your child attend certain classes of their interest, or even paying for their education and other courses. There are both good and bad days. Don’t refrain from discussing your feelings with your spouse and family.

2. Find Quality Childcare

quality-child-care:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family


It is evident that nobody can equate the compassion and care that mothers bestow upon their infants. So, when you are away for a while, make sure that your baby is in the right hands. Your own mother can take that role in your absence, which can in turn develop a family bonding. Otherwise, you can also ask your friends and family for references to qualified and experienced nannies, babysitters and daycare centers. Interview them personally. Schedule a paid playdate with nannies, to evaluate how they interact with your infant or kid.

3. Organise A Family Calendar



You might already have a calendar to mark events and bill dates. Tag along with a week’s chore chart for your kids, including vaccination dates, doctor appointments, a list of school activities and events, birthdays, extracurriculars and outing plans. You can also add these to Google Calendar to sync them with your phone for early reminders. This can help you stay organized, and give you time to prepare yourself well in advance for upcoming events.

4. Be Ready For The Next Day

prepare-for-next-day:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family


Daily work schedule and last minute challenges can turn you into a wretch. Prepare for the morning, the night before – keep your kid’s, and own clothes ready, decide what to make for breakfast, recheck the diaper bag, keep your work bag easily accessible – probably nearest to your car keys. Double-check your calendar for any upcoming events. Don’t leave anything to rush for in the mornings.

5. Have A Conversation With Your Employer/Supervisor/HR

Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family


It is best to know beforehand about any flexible arrangements that your company offers or has specifically offered in the past. This can help you in proposing those terms that are already functional in the company. Be open and honest while communicating with your HR. Let them know of the issues that you may face. Also, offer them alternative solutions, like a trial period to ensure them that your work won’t get affected. Be clear with your questions about leave types and salary – don’t leave anything to confusion later on.

6. Stay Connected With Your Baby/Kid



For the time you are away, stay connected with your kid through video or voice calls. Record your voice or singing video that you can send at any point during the day. Give them a call during breaks – hearing their voice can be comforting for you. If you find you might get late or miss your child’s important event, give them a lucky charm or a good luck note to let them know that you care. Cook their favorite food or take them out to make up for it.

7. Limit Your Daily Distractions

limit-distractions:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family


Waste no time behind time eaters – limit workspace gossip, chit-chats, and casual internet surfing. Restrict them to lunch or break time. Finish your work sooner and retire early for the day. At home, reduce the time spent watching TV and checking your phone, instead use it to spend with your kids and spouse.

8. Create An Exclusive Family Time

family-time:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

Family time does not necessarily mean outing and visiting places. Ensure that your family has breakfast and/or dinner together. Include a board game activity or a family movie time during the weekend to involve everyone. Avoid using your cellphone, instead talk with your kids about their friends, classes, interests, and more. Take these as opportunities to bond with them.

9. Don’t Forget Your Spouse

dont-forget-your-spouse:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

After becoming a mother most of your attention gets diverted towards your children. With a busy work and home schedule, your partner may feel neglected. In between the daily deeds of hustle, remember to nurture your relationship. Dedicate an hour or half every day to spend some time with your partner. Rekindle your bond with monthly date nights. If that gets expensive for you, opt for an indoor date night by cooking dinner together or simply having a glass of wine over a light conversation.

10. Make Time For Yourself

take-time-for-yourself:Ways New Moms Can Balance Work And Family

Amidst the fast life around, where you juggle between work and home, it becomes essential to take out some valuable time just for yourself. More than once a month pamper yourself with a book, a spa or a quiet bubble bath. Include some time for exercising or yoga, which will definitely leave you rejuvenated throughout the day. Eat well and get enough rest to start your day afresh.
Moms are super but not superheroes. Some days could be satisfying while on other days, it may get too hectic. You may not necessarily get everything right and that can be annoying. Openly discuss with your family if you feel the need their support. All in all, remember, it is your family that comes first because, at the end of the day, you will have them waiting for you after you get home.