3 Ways How Nature Can Heal Your Broken Heart

All of us have our good days and bad days. Let’s say you’re going through a rough phase of a heartbreak. What do you do then? It’s quite simple. Just take a drive down a beautiful countryside or spend some time among plants. Be around nature and watch it reduce your tension, anger, and depression. You will experience a positive change in your mood and find yourself relaxing mentally and physically.

There is something magical about clean and fresh air, the chirping of birds, and the soothing color of the sky and plants that elevates our mood and makes us very happy.1 Heartbreak can be a very painful experience, especially when it comes as a shock. While time does heal everything, give the outdoors a chance. If you still don’t feel better, or if you notice signs of depression, visit a counselor.

What Is Nature’s Role In Healing You?

1. Nature Impacts Your Mood

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Nature can be incredibly healing and has an excellent soothing effect on our mood. Be it yoga, meditation, hiking, exercise, cycling, or running, there is a lot of difference in doing it indoor and outdoor. You will find yourself performing better and being much happier when practice these surrounded by nature. Even when in a disturbed state of mind, spending some time amidst nature will clear your thinking, and that is when you realize that nature does have all the answers. There is something so very reassuring about nature that it consoles and assures us that everything will be fine.2

2. Vitamin D Elevates Your Mood

Vitamin D from sun exposure helps to restore your mood

A person

in a good mood is known as someone with a “sunny disposition.” It could be because of the direct effect of sunlight on your mood! We experience a sort of happiness when we are in the sun; maybe this is what is called “positive radiance.”

Exposure to the sun also has many other healing benefits. Sunlight elevates mood, inhibits depression, increases stress tolerance, stimulates immune function, helps regulate sleep cycles through the production of melatonin, and converts cholesterol to vitamin D, which has a positive impact on your body. Vitamin D production is one of the most important benefits of sunlight as the vitamin is said to be a mood elevator that prevents depression.3

3. The Color Of Plants Livens Your Mood

the color green of plants help elevate your mood

Don’t you feel happy when you are in a garden or when you are surrounded by plants? Have you ever wondered why this happens? One reason is that

the color green is a mood elevator – it calms and soothes your mind. Plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Inhaling this fresh, pure oxygen makes you feel happier and revitalized. So every time you feel down, just step into your garden or take a stroll around your park – you are sure to feel so much better!4 5

Being outdoors can also make you realize that there is a lot of beauty and grandeur out there. Remember the Calvin and Hobbes comic about staring into the starry night? There really is no better way to realize the transient nature of our problems than to look at nature in all its abundance.