7 Ways Men React To Pregnancy

Pregnancy connotes duty and responsibility. Finding out that you are pregnant can be exciting, surprising, anxious, joyful, scary, and nerve-wracking. It can be all feelings together. When you share the news with your man, he isn’t going to fight back or take the next flight out. He will not blame or point fingers even if the pregnancy was particularly unplanned, but he might be terrified, elated or confused.

How your man reacts to the pregnancy news will reveal a lot about his character. Now we are not dreading into some serious discussion about your partner’s character. Of course, we’re all human and men have feelings as well. Starting a family is a big deal, it changes the life completely. The father of your child is a grown-up adult and he is not going to give up so easily. He is going to have, for sure, a different reaction. Here are some ways your man might react when you reveal the preggers news.


7 Ways Men React To Pregnancy News

1. We Are In This Together, It Is Going To Be OK!

Your lovely partner is going to remind that both of you are in this together and can handle it. He will make you get back to reality from the initial excitement. He will be quite subtle in reminding you – now that you are pregnant, you will both be good at parenting too!

2. I’m Always There For You

Pregnant or not, just accept that you need your man always. But pregnancy can play around with your hormones and you will want your man to be around for anything and everything. He is readily going to say that he is there for you always. He will reassure you that he is going to be around and that reassurance will make you feel better. Just the thought of having your man as a support will keep your pregnancy stress at bay.


3. Oh! Baby, This Is The Best News Ever!

Haven’t you heard this from your man or not? When both you and your partner are on the same page about dealing with pregnancy and babies, then this is the first thing you will hear from your man. He is definitely going to be honest about every possible feeling he might go through. No masking of feelings or emotions whatsoever. He is not going to bail on you when you share the news.

4. What Do You Want To Do?

Pregnancy whether planned or unplanned, would only lead to one question which comes from your partner – What do you want to do about it? The mixed emotions, intense speculation about future, the excitement, the confusion, everything will scare him. But all you need is just support. When it comes from your partner, that’s what matters.


5. Are You Feeling OK?

Pregnancy is not simple, it is tough. When you share the pregnancy news, your man is concerned and he is going to ask you if you are OK, as it is you who will carry the baby and sacrifice so many things to start a family. When he questions you like this, we are sure you will be floored no matter how bad the pregnancy is for you.

6. When Are We Due?

Yes, you got it right? The moment he asks you when are ‘WE’ due, you will realize that he is going to be around to help you through the whole journey. It’s only those little moments when he makes supper for you, goes with you to doctor appointments, or massages your back after a tiring day, you will know your partner’s worth in bringing up the baby along with you.


7. Let’s Make Plans

Your man will know, for sure, how much planning goes into consideration as soon as you say the word pregnant. Whatever might be waiting, he is ready to take over and would say ‘ let’s make future plans’ to make the journey smooth.

We are only sure that your man will support and assure you of having a stress-free pregnancy. He will not make you feel lost and will be there for you all through the journey.