3 Impactful Ways To Manifest Positive Expectations

    3 Impactful Ways To Manifest Positive Expectations
    3 Impactful Ways To Manifest Positive Expectations

    Did you know that your life and body as it is right now is a result of what you expected to come about in your life? Did you know that because of the Law of Perception, what you perceive as “good” or “bad” will, in fact, be drawn to you, whether you like it or not?

    Simply put, the Law of Expectations is basically whatever one presumes, with emotion and belief, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. When you expect the best, what you anticipate with earnest desire will improve.

    Likewise, if your habitual thoughts reflect self-doubt and limiting beliefs, then you will surely have more reasons to complain. Just as you expect the best, so it is when you expect things to be difficult. When you focus on lack and hardship, you will attract more of what you do not want into your life.

    Your expectations are brought about by your self-image and beliefs. Your beliefs are the foundation of your thoughts and feelings; it’s why you think the way you do and why you take the action you do—it is all based on

    your belief system and what you expect in your life.

    How to Shift into the Power of Positive Expectation

    You can shift from self-doubt to powerful expectation by changing your thoughts from “I can’t” to “I can” to develop your strengths and lessen your weaknesses. Focus on your desires of what you truly want with faith, believing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

    Release the self-doubts of “I don’t think I can …” or the limiting beliefs of “Life is hard …” by thinking, “I expect wonderful people, circumstance, and events” and “Life is beautiful and easy.” You can blast through the limiting ceiling in your mind by being positive to establish powerful, self-supporting beliefs. By doing so, your faith will increase and your expectations will shift to that of “expecting to receive” rather than “expecting to fail.” Before you know it, you will see the rewards from your efforts.

    Rather than giving your attention to what you do not want, focus on what you DO want. Visualize your dreams as if you were ALREADY living them. Your thoughts will

    impress upon your body as to what to do, which ignites action, either wanted or unwanted. That’s why it’s imperative to think positively with the expectation to receive.

    The more proactive you are in attaining your desires, the more you will set positive energy into motion, which will attract back to you like energy.

    To create a new mindset of expecting, do the following exercise to imprint the energy of expectation steadfastly in your mind:

    – Write on a sheet of paper what it is you desire to become, do, or have. Next, write if you really believe you can manifest what you want or not. (Note: what you “think twice” about or doubt is an area in which you have limiting beliefs of receiving.)

    – To clear a limiting belief of the dreams you doubt, write, “I am a creator. I create my life on purpose!” and “I will achieve my dreams!” You can also write, “I willingly release all doubts and fears associated with this desire” or “I expect

    my dreams to come true,” and then write, “Thank you, Lord!”

    – To establish a new belief of what you desire and expect in your life, get in the habit of looking at yourself in the mirror each day and saying, “I willingly receive. I am …” and say what you desire to become. Do that for the next 30 days until it becomes a new self-affirming belief. As you tell yourself your new truths, feel how awesome it will be when you are living your dreams. Always end with love and thankfulness for that which will be.

    By incorporating these simple exercises into your life you will be able to incorporate the power of the Law of Expectations in your life, and you will soon discover just how magical life can be.